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OSAKA SHOW 2014: Shimano New Products 2014

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Being one of the heavyweights in the tackle industry, Shimano’s product launches are always highly-anticipated affairs. Today we have a look at some of the new Shimano 2014 products featured at the 2014 Osaka Fishing Show.

The Shimano booth

Announcing the various talks and demos lined up for the day.

See any familiar faces? ;)

Shimano New Stella line up

For 2014, Shimano unveils the new Stella, it’s first spinning reel to adopt the Micro Module gearing. Shimano’s Micro Module gearing adopts the use of smaller teeth on the gears to reduce gear vibration, resulting in smoother gear meshing when engaged. Additionally, the new Stella also features a new anti-reverse bearing that is supposed to reduce friction by 25%, enabling the Stella to have a very light, silky smooth retrieve.

The body of the new 2014 Stella is also redesigned with a slightly ‘bent’ shape to shift the center of gravity closer to the hand and rod. This is achieved by moving the worm shaft, traditionally located at the lower part of the reel body, to the top.

Cross section of the 10′ Stella showing the worm shaft position below the body

Cross section of the 14′ Stella showing the new worm shaft position.

Now its time to look at some baitcasters

Shimano’s Calcutta Conquest gets a significant upgrade in 2014

The 2014 Calcutta Conquest has an extremely compact body and comes equipped with Micro Module gearing as found in the 2013 Antares, X-Ship and a new S3D spool.

Oversized gearbox…

… yet with a very compact palming side.

Comparison between the new Calcutta Conquest (2014) vs. its predecessor

The Micro Module gearing comparison kit on display

Comparing the smoothness and cranking power of the new Calcutta Conquest with the previous generation model

The new Shimano Ocea Jigger Limited 3000PG/HG, featuring ‘Reverse Tune Drag’. The star drag rotation direction is reversed (forward = loosen drag, backward = tighten drag) to enable the angler to quickly loosen the drag in response to the sudden run of a very big and fast swimming fish when slow jigging with very light line.

The Ocea Jigger Limited also comes in the 1500 (right hand) model and 1501 (left hand) in PG/HG models.

Shimano also showcased the new Excense DC in left hand model.

For low-profile baitcasting reel lovers, there’s good news in the form of Chronarch Ci4+ featuring the new Shimano SVS braking system, X-Ship and S3D spool.

Very light too, weighing only 185 grams

Shimano Scorpion gets an upgrade too – featuring the new SVS braking system, high-capacity S3D spool and X-Ship.

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