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Brisbane River and Maroon Dam Casting

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Australian Bass Gomoku Spin Jig

Yu Hock and I had the privilege to fish with one of the best Australian tournament bream anglers, Tim Morgan right after the conclusion of this year’s Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA) Show in Brisbane.

Australian Bass Trickster

The initial plan was to fish for Australian Bass at Moogerah Dam on the first day and then proceed to fish Moreton Bay for snapper the next.

Australian Bass Rapala Jigging Rap Fred Goh

It was like 5°C when Tim picked us up on the first morning. After about 2 hours of driving, we finally reached Moogerah Dam. Moogerah is a very well maintained dam, just like the many dams around Australia – with proper toilets and boat ramp. We spent about 3 hours sounding for fishes but they were not as many as reported by fellow anglers fishing there a couple of days ago.

Australian Bass Trickster Yu Hock

We did try to make a few casts but did not manage to get even one hit. After making a few phone calls, Tim decided to move to another dam nearby. We pulled the boat up and then drove for 20 minutes to reach Maroon Dam. It is a very small dam but Tim seemed very confident that this place would produce some fish.

Australian Bass Storm Soft Vibe

We fished a small patch of weed, which held some bass according to Tim. After making a few casts, your truly finally got a hit on a prototype Storm Soft Vibe. After a few fancy rod moves, the first Australian Bass of the day was landed. Confidence increased as the 3 of us start casting and combing the patch of weed. More Australia Bass of 30cm to 40cm in size were caught. The lure worth mentioning for the session was the Rapala Jigging Rap, which accounted for most of Yu Hock’s catches.

Australian Bass Rapala Jigging Rap

We ended the day feasting on chicken roll sandwiches, which Tim prepared on board. What a way to end Day 1!

Our second day started as early as 1.30am! Yes, dragging our feet out so early in the wee hours of the ‘morning’ to fish the Brisbane River (also known as Brissie River) sounded insane but Tim and his brother Steve think otherwise. The temperature was about 3°C if not lower. Honestly, both Yu Hock and myself were not very hopeful about the fishing. Staying in a tropical country like Singapore, it was hard for us to imagine fish biting in this sort of cold, dark morning. Furthermore, it was very uncomfortable to fish in such weather conditions.

Threadfin Salmon on Trickster copy

However, our perceptions about fishing in such cold weather changed as under the guidance of the Morgan brothers, we were treated to a wonderful session of casting in the dark. I managed to catch my very first Threadfin Salmon in my life.

Threadfin Salmon on Rapala Scatter Rap

It was an 80 to 85cm specimen caught on a Rapala Scatter Rap Crank. Yu Hock did very well too with the Rapala X-Rap Countdown 7cm, landing a Jewfish close to 1 metre. The last fish of the casting session was a smaller Jewfish caught on the trusty Rapala Scatter Rap Crank again. All 3 fishes were landed in a space of just 2 hours of casting. We decided to head for breakfast as the tide changed.

Jewie on XRCD07Yu Hock looking pleased at his capture. This fish was worth fishing in freezing temperatures!

Jewie on Rapala Scatter Rap Fred GohLittle Jewie on Rapala Scatter Rap Crank.

Jewie on Rapala Scatter Rap

Our last fishing session was at Moreton Bay. There were reports of big schools of Tailors caught a couple of days ago but again they were missing by the time we were there. We decided to fish the pillars of the port for Jewfish, without any results. Tim then decided to teach us some techniques about Bream fishing.

Australian Bream Fred Goh

The condition of the water was not really ideal but through his sharing, we managed to catch 2 small Bream! One of the Bream was caught on the new Storm Gomoku Stiletto / Gomoku Bottom. We were mighty impressed by this tiny lure! It’s surely going to be a very popular Bream lure!

Australian Bream

We decided to end the session early as we also wanted to visit some local tackle shops so we finished off the day with a treat of fresh prawns bought from the local seafood shop .

It was a wonderful experience for both of Yu Hock and I. Many thanks to the Morgan brothers, Tim and Steve!

Photos in this article courtesy of Tim Morgan. 

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