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Rapala BX Minnow – Balsa Xtreme Minnow

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Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow

The Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow opens up a new era in fishing lures by combining the unmatched responsiveness of balsa with rugged durability of plastic.

Balsa wood has always been the material of choice for Rapala’s iconic lures; such as the Original Floater and CountDown – the lures that started it all. Even today, precisely shaped and precision weighted balsa body gives the lure the most responsive and life-like action that can’t be achieved with any other material. Balsa wood is quite unique; it is a very sustainable product, thanks to its rapid growth rate and despite being so light it is still very strong and is classified as the softest commercial hardwood – the perfect initial ingredient in creating the famous Rapala “wounded minnow” action.

Balsa Wood Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow

Plastic is a great artificial material for manufacturing fishing lures. It lends itself to a variety of options for finishes and translucency. Plastic is ideal for lures that have to be very strong and durable or neutrally buoyant (suspending). Plastic lures can be built to be as noisy as a swarm of bees or as silent as a mouse. Translucent plastic can have texture on either side, allowing very realistic life-like finishes with 3D scales, lateral lines, gills and fins when combined with internal metallic or holographic finishes, external paint and print patterns.

Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow Plastic Shell


Inside Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow

The new patent pending BX construction uses a tough, transparent plastic shell to encapsulate a balsa wood inner body. The perfectly balanced balsa core, with precision placed weights gives the lure a lively, super responsive action that can be achieved only with balsa wood. The tough copolymer outer shell allows ultimate, toughness and life-like finishes with 3D scales, lateral line and gill plates with a combination of metallic, translucent and painted finishes unlike anything seen on balsa lures before. It is truly the ultimate combination!

Rapala Balsa Xtreme Minnow

BX Minnow features a super responsive action that comes alive with the slowest of retrieves and the most delicate twitches. Yet it can handle fast, aggressive retrieves and take a beating from strong, toothy predators.

Balsa Body Inside
Durable Copolymer Shell
Molded 3D Head, Gills and Scales
Internal X-Foil
Flat-Sided with Strong Flash on Roll
Precision-weighted for perfect balance and long casts.
Black Nickel VMC® Hooks
Incredible Life-like Finishes
3D Holographic Eyes
Hand-Tuned & Tank Tested

Model No.: BXM10
Running Depth: 0.9-1.5m
Body Length: 10cm
Weight: 12g
Hooks: Two No. 4

BBH-Blue Back Herring; FT-Firetiger; GSH-Gold Shiner; HH-Hot Head;, P-Perch; S-Silver; SMT-Smelt; YP-Yellow Perch

Daniel Wan has been fishing since the age of 12 and has a deep passion for fishing with artificial lures – especially light-tackle jigging. Previously working for two multinational IT companies, Daniel left the IT industry to follow his passion for fishing, photography and writing.