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Catch Report: Casting in Rompin

Rompin is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Malaysia for many Singaporean. Though it is well known for the Sailfish fishing but there are many more other species to catch. 

Samuel, a frequent angler to Rompin decided to show Fred and his friends what Rompin can offer besides Sailfish.



Samuel with a good size Cobia on the cast, using the all new Rapala XRMAG Cast.



As the day went by, Samuel chanced upon a decent size Queenfish.


Spanish Mackerel is one of the most sort after fish, being popular on the plate and exciting to catch.  Casting heavy  sinking minnow is a very effective way of catching them.

IMG_8959 IMG_8953 IMGP1141IMGP1136


When the anglers are tired of casting, it is good to relax those aching muscles and do some squid fishing. Not only it is fun but no one can deny how good fresh squid taste.

IMG_8975 IMG_8980 IMG_8996 IMG_9006


The group decided to try casting for Sailfish using pencil and poppers, and they are rewarded with some Barracuda as well.

IMG_2189 IMG_2196 IMG_9018 IMGP1167IMGP1163 IMGP1169


Towards the end of the trip, the group met a school of Giant Trevally that were smashing bait school and some nice size ones are landed.

IMGP1211 IMG_9010IMGP1220











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