Senangin Jigging


In this episode of Fish On TV, Fred Goh, Lertsak Banklongsee and Daniel Wan go light slow jigging off the...

Storm Gomoku KOIKA Maldives


Slow jigging fever with Storm Gomoku KOIKA has reached the Maldives! The Rapala South East Asia team recently embarked on...

Finally the unknown big fish revealed! A 7kg Ebek on the Storm Micro Jigger PE0.4-1!


Pulau Sibu has recently been in the spotlight for producing some trophy fish on light jigs. Fred Goh and friends...

The grand finale was when Siang with a good size Barracuda that hit the Storm So-Run Heavy Minnow really hard.


Off-season doesn’t mean poor fishing. With a dedicated group of anglers, suitable gear, lures and jigs, fishing can still be reasonably...

Battle with a suspected “Tong Gas”


My pursuit for gaining more experience in slow jigging in South East Asia brought me to Lumut, Perak this time...



I'll be honest. Eging to me is as good as my experience to ice-fishing. Sure, I've caught my fair share...

Highly sought after Coral Trout falls for the Storm KOIKA 30g Green Sardine on a slow jigging style


Mukah is a small town in Sarawak, about 2 hours drive from Sibu. Having a population of less than 300,000...

Romping Jigging Gomoku Koika Gomame Micro Jig


As the monsoon was easing, it was time to have a jigging trip along the East coast of Malaysia....

Storm Gomoku KOIKA Slow Jigging


Nigel Hagley and friends go on a slow jigging adventure near Lumut, Perak (Malaysia) for Golden Snapper & Grouper with...

Storm Mini Basho Frog(CBT)


生鱼或俗称鳢鱼,学名为 Channa Striatus,是在本地极为普遍不过的淡水抛投对象鱼之一。它们的居住生存条件可说是极为广泛,从路边沟渠,油棕圆排水沟,费矿湖,甚至是本地各大河流湖泊都少不了它们的踪影。