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Fast flowing currents on new and full moons are ideal times to chase Trevally species with micro jigs. That’s why most boat charters fishing around Singapore’s Southern Islands are often booked out on these days. For some of us, any day is a good day to head out and drop a jig! If we do somehow happen to get a slot on any of the prime fishing dates, it’s yippee-bippee time as more often than not, the results are much better! And so it happened that we did get one of the ideal tides early 2014…

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Who needs to queue up and jostle with crowds at the Air Show when the RSAF Black Knights are performing right before you while you are fishing! 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Exciting and spectacular aerial displays!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
THE MORNING RUN – Nigel hits a solid Longfin Trevally (Sagai) on Storm Micro Jig 20g (Green Sardine). 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
… and follows through with a little Ebek!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
The Storm Micro jig in Green Sardine working wonders for Nigel.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)

Water visibility was excellent and you could actually make out the shallow reef and drop-offs. We felt as if we were in Maldives! Well… sort of… With the surging currents and strong winds, drifting was almost impossible. We had to anchor up a distance away from the drop-offs and allow our little 15-20g jigs to drift into the strike zone. In such situations, having a very fine diameter mainline will have less drag and enable the little jigs to get down to the bottom quickly. Sufix 832 6lb works well for us as it has excellent strength for such fine diameter.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Fish on! Mr Incredible Hock puts the bend on the Storm Gomoku Keiryo PE0.4-1 micro jigging rod.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Easy does it… playing it nice and slow so that the hooks don’t tear out from the mouth of the fish.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
The result? A very nice Pompano taken on Storm Gomoku Koika 20g! 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Having front and back assist hooks not only increases hookup rate but also helps to keep the jig horizontal on the fall.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
No fluke! Here’s another hookup!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
This time it’s a Sagai!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Fred hooked up a Pompano too. Sadly, the hooks pulled halfway into the fight. But there’s always consolation…

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
…in the form of another Sagai!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Storm Gomoku Micro Jig 12g in DF3 pattern.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
The Storm Micro Jigs produced plenty of fish for the session. 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
At one point, we were greeted with Spotted Macks and Queenfish.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
To a point they became quite pesky, actually.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
Moving on to another spot, we hit even more Queenies!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
High-speed jigging gets them crazy and all fired up. 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
After a short afternoon lull, the Sagai action returned in full swing.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
One after the other!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
To break the monotony of high-pitch jigging, the slower Koika jigs were brought out and soon we had more variety added to the species list. 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
As the sun gradually set into the horizon, the bites came… fast and furious.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
The luminous bands on the Micro Jig had somewhat of an edge over the others in fading light. 

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
We encountered many Sagai during that short half an hour of frenzy, with some other Trevally species mixed in too.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
A fishing frenzy is too hard to resist and soon the photographer succumbs to the overwhelming temptation!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)
While the Sagai were hammering our jigs, something big was hammering them too!

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)Notice the fine mouth cavity of this Trevally.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)Storm Micro Jig in UVSP (UV Silver Pink) was also a good colour in fading light.

Singapore Micro jigging with Storm Gomoku Jigs (Micro Jig / Koika / Gomame)

With close to about 80 fish landed for the day, it’s not hard to see how anyone cannot get hooked onto the Micro Jigging game! Sure, one could probably catch more fish with a multi-hook Sabiki-rig but that’s not quite the point of sportfishing is it? :)

Stay tuned for more Micro Jigging action…


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Singapore, one of the busiest shipping ports of the world with equally busy offshore traffic, surprisingly boasts some excellent micro jigging action if you know just where to go. The Southern Islands off Singapore have some of the best underwater terrain around, undisturbed by commercial fishing activities and pollution. Given the right tides and water conditions, many trevally species come close to these reefs to hunt and ‘boogie-woogie’ to ensure the existence of their kind. These trevally come in all sizes, from the size of one’s palm right to those that you could even serve afternoon tea on!

Singapore Micro Jigging
Trevally abound around the Southern Islands off Singapore!

There’s a growing community of offshore anglers that are downsizing their tackle to get maximum fun and thrill from small trevally yet still being able to handle the bigger ones should they come along. Micro jigs of 30grams and below are ideal to ‘match the hatch’ as the profile of bait here are rather small. As the range of trevally species are quite varied, specifically targeting them and getting consistent results would require some knowledge of their feeding habits and patterns.

Singapore Micro JiggingSagai absolutely looove erratic and fast-moving jigs such as the Storm Gomoku Gomame 15 grams

For example, Longfin Trevally (Sagai) love very sudden, erratic actions and they hunt throughout the water column. We’ve found short, frantic motions imparted to a jig using a snapping motion of the wrist repeatedly to work very well. Instead of cranking a full revolution of the handle each time you snap your wrist, turn the handle slowly and gradually while snapping repeatedly. This keeps the jig in the strike zone longer with each snapping motion creating a little flash of the jig’s side.

Singapore Micro Jigging EbekSlow jigging with Storm Gomoku Koika 40g close to the bottom can yield some pleasant surprises.

On the other hand, try to keep your jig very close to the bottom if one’s targeting Golden Trevally or Diamond Trevally. These species are predominantly bottom feeders (although they do occasionally chase bait far up the water column) and jigs worked about 2-3 metres off the bottom will have a good chance of attracting some attention. The key point is to go slow and easy on the strokes and concentrate on keeping the jig close to the bottom.

Singapore Micro JiggingOne of the common Trevally species often encountered.

Singapore Micro JiggingDawn and dusk coinciding with the rising or ebbing tides are happy hours. 

Singapore Micro Jigging QueenfishQueenies roam all around and can be pretty pesky if you’re targeting something else. This one took a Storm Micro Jig 30g.

Singapore Micro JiggingLike Diamond Trevally, Pompano also love sifting the bottom for food.
To have a chance at hitting them, keep the jig close to the bottom and go slow. 

Singapore Micro JiggingWhen the feeding time kicks-in, it’s not uncommon to have double or triple hookups!

Singapore Micro JiggingJigging with 20g slow-style jigs such as Storm Koika is still fairly new game but has yielded plenty of results in terms of size and variety. 

Singapore Micro JiggingThe Storm Micro Jig is a versatile choice as it can be worked fast and slow in the Southern Islands.

Singapore Micro Jigging To effectively work such small jigs, we often use light but strong braid such as Sufix 832 in 6lb rating and a lightweight micro-jigging rod such as the Storm Gomoku Keiryo PE0.4-1.

To be continued…

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Jom layan Baby GT Langkawi!!! Itu lah yang di SMS oleh Zubir, sahabat yang saya baru kenali ketika trip saya ke Bintulu yang lepas. Ketika trip itu jugalah saya diracun oleh Zubir untuk mencuba Baby GT Langkawi  yang tak malu dan segan dengan pancingan gewang yang semakin digilai ramai dewasa ini. Zubir orangnya yang ramah dan senang dibawa bersembang dan adakalanya tak kering gusi dibuatnya bila lawaknya didalam loghat utara membuatkan ramai rakan-rakan pancing senang mendekatinya. Sejak terhebahnya artikel-artikel di alam maya dan photo-photo dari laman sosial Facebook dimana baby GT mudah dijeratkan dengan kaedah casting disana  membuatkan saya juga tidak senang duduk dan keinginan untuk mencuba-cuba menjerat spesies ini yang masih tak malu dan segan menghentam gewang apabila dilemparkan didalam radius dimana ia berada.

Langkawi Sunrise

Lantaran itu program bercuti bersama keluarga ke Pulau Lagenda yang lepas tidak sah kalau saya tak selitkan program casting kalau dah ke sana nanti. Semuanya saya telah diatur dengan bantuan Zubir untuk siapkan tempat tinggal saya dan boatnya.

Seawal jam 7 pagi Zubir telah mengambil saya di chalet berhampiran rumah kediamannya dan terus kami ke Jeti Nelayan Teluk Baru dimana letaknnya boat Zubir.

Resorts World Langkawi
Diabadikan didalam lensa kamera saya kedamaian dan keindahan pagi di Jeti Nelayan Teluk Baru Pulau Langkawi

Langkawi GT CastingKapal Mewah yang sentiasa membawa pelancong dari dalam dan luar negara untuk ke Pulau Langkawi.

Boat Zubir meluncur laju menuju ke destinasi pertama kami dimana pulau yang paling hampir dengan jety nelayan. Beberbekalkan enjin 15hp Yamaha Enduro, tidak sampai 10 minit kami tiba di destinasi pertama dan terus memulakan acara casting ke arah pulau.

Pulau Langkawi
Pulau yang berdekatan jety nelayan yang didiami baby GT dan adakalanya mama GT pun.

Trevally Langkawi
Strike pertama Zubir menggunakan Storm Thunder Blade Red Head.

Disebabkan hany kami berdua sahaja casting, Zubir tidak melepaskan peluang untuk meneman dan beraksi bersama saya merasai tarikan Baby GT Langkawi. Pasti syiok Zubir yang hari-hari melayan baby GT disini, senang cite. Mantaplah. Kami meneruskan menjelajah hampir kesemua pulau yng da dan berdekatan untuk menjejak sang Baby GT.

Zubir Langkawi
Tepian Pulau Batu Kapur yang menjadi  tempat sang GT bermain dan mencari makan.

Dipenghujung pulau yang paling jauh kedudukannya dengan Jeti Nelayan saya dikejutkan dengan hamburan kuat dari sang penghuni pulau apabila tidak tahan melihat percikan air dari Storm Chug Bug Red Head saya. Zubir yang mengawal arah boat berteriak dari belakang supaya saya tidak memberi peluang kepada pemangsa tersebut melariakn diri ke arah batu. Kalau tak berputih mata saya kerana GT bersize 3kg lebih itu cuba membawa tali  saya ke arah batu untuk meloloskan dirinya. Akhirnya GT Langkawi berjaya saya daratkan dan diabadikan didalam kamera saya. Alhamdulillah.

Reza Azwan fighting GT Langkawi
Aksi saya yang hampir-hampir lost “Lost Control”.

Langkawi GT Casting
Rapala Shadow 10-20lb masih lagi mampu mengawal size2 GT sebesar ini.

Langkawi GT Popping
Storm Chug Bug 11cm memang menjadi di Pulau Langkawi kata Zubir.

Langkawi GT Popping
Bentuk-Bentuk Pulau Batu Kapur cukup cantik dan ianya juga menjadi tarikan pelancong terutamanya kepada peminat fotografi.

Sebelum pulang ke jeti untuk makan tengah hari Zubir sempat singgah di sport terakhir dimana beliau pernah terlucut seekor siakap putih bersize 3kg. Kami mencuba sehingga penhujung tanjung tersebut dan ketika sipertengahan Storm Thunder Blade yang dilempar Zubir terus dilarikan pemangsa. Zuber yang mengenakan Reel Daiwa Tatula tiada masalah untuk mengheret keluar GT bersize sederhana dari kawasan berbatu. Saya abadikan aksi2 Zubir dan pemangsa pulau yang rakus sebagai tanda kenangan saya ke sini bersama beliau sebelum sebelum kami pulang ke jeti untuk makan tengah hari. Menurut Zubir yang bertahun-tahun melayan pelanggannya sini, dia akan pulang tengah hari untuk makan dan rehat sebelum sambung semula pada sebelah petangnya.

Mohd Zubir Langkawi
Aksi Zubir melayan karenah baby GT yang nakal dan rakus.

Langkawi GT Thunder Blade
Storm Thunder Blade kegemaran GT disini apabila ada masanya Popper tidak diminatinya.

Pada sebelah petangnya pula Zubir menyarankan saya untuk mencuba casting disekitar jeti Star Cruise. Kejadian sering putus dan lost control sering terjadi dikawasan sekitar jeti ini. Walaubagaimana pun kami terpasksa menunggu sehingga jam 5.30 petang kerana kapal mewah masih lagi berlabuh menunggu dan mengambil penumpangnya. Zubir berjaya sekali menjerat sang GT ditepian pulau berdekatan jeti Star Cruise apabila lontaran Storm Twitchstick Orange Tiger UV dihambat betul dibelakang batu.

Langkawi GT Casting
Kawalan dan kecekapan Zubir mengawal larian sang GT menghadiah ia trofi disebelah petangnya.

Langkawi GT Casting
Pose istimewa dari Zubir dengan Storm Twitch Stick Orange Tiger UV.

Jam menunjukkn hampir jam 7 petang saya mengambil peluang menikmati keindahan matahari terbenam sambil tangan saya tidak putus-putus menekan butang kamera untuk diabadikan sebagai kenangan kali pertama menjejak kaki disekitar jeti Star Cruise.

Langkawi Sunset
“Sunset” suasana sering di nikmati bagi kaki-kaki pancing.

Sebelum pulang Zubir mengajak saya kembali tempat beliau strike GT tadi sebelum kami pulang. “Kalau dah rezeki tak kemana,” luah Zubir apabila popper Chug Bug 11cm berwarna hitam kali ini dihambat GT bersize mantap. Seperti kebiasaan Zubir pasti berteriak kepada saya supaya saya tidak memberi pekuang kepada ikan utuk melarikan diri, sekali lagi GT bersize kasar dari pagi tadi  berjaya saya darat kan dan berteriak keseronokan saya.

Langkawi GT CastingGT Tepian Batu Berhampiran Jeti Star Cruise.

Langkawi GT Casting
Storm Chug Bug 11cm  Black Red Herringbone menjerat GT minit-minit terakhir.

Selesai bergambar dengan GT tersebut Zubir dengan nada melawaknya ” tak salah kot cheq nak cuba cast”. Dengan tak di sangka-sangka sekali lagi Storm Twitch Stick tidak menghampakan Zubir apabila karauan beliau ditepian batu menghadiahnya trofi yang tak disangka-sangka seekor siakap putih didarakan Zubir menandakan pentup cerita casting saya bersamanya.Tahniah kepada Zubir kerana mendaratkan siakap putih petang itu dan terima kasih Zubir dengan layanan yang cukup superb class. Thank you Bro!

Langkawi Barramundi Casting
Siakap Bonus minit terakhir milik Zubir.

Langkawi Barramundi Casting
Storm Twitch Stick 8cm Orange Tiger UV dan mangsanya.

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I received an invitation to fish off the coast of Kuala Rompin sometime early this year. My initial reaction to the invitation was a little muted, as Kuala Rompin fishing is very often catered towards Sailfish or Tenggiri. “Oooh! But this is a new spot! Lots of Trevally abound!”. My ears pricked up at those words. Ahh… now that’s interesting! I’ve just got this soft spot for light and micro jigging. Furthermore some new Storm Koika jigs in the range of 60g and 80g had just arrived and it would be perfect to check out their fish catching ability. Without thinking much, I said yes!

Kuala Rompin Sunrise

We were all crowded around at the jetty at first light, ready for some jigging action. It was then that I realised how much Kuala Rompin had developed over the years, thanks to the Sailfish. There were now so many charter boats operating out of Kuala Rompin!

Kuala Rompin ChaletComfortable air-conditioned chalets to rest after a hard-day’s workout. 

Tenggiri on Storm Sorun Sinking Minnow
A little Tenggiri on the new Storm So-Run Heavy Sinking Minnow 

Our first spot was a FAD about forty minutes away from the rivermouth. There were lots of small Tenggiri roaming about that took our 60g Storm Super Skarps jigged at breakneck speed. Some were taken on casting heavy sinking minnows that were allowed to sink to the bottom and then retrieved at speed. The bigger ones were rather shy and the little jigs didn’t seem to attract their attention. However, we were entertained briefly by some Cobia that took our minnows and jigs. Samuel on the other boat, as we learnt later, had a great harvest of huge Tenggiri that were caught on drifted live bait at another FAD nearby.

Cobia on Sinking MinnowSamuel’s dad, Uncle Thomas with a large Rompin Cobia on a sinking minnow.

Cobia on Storm Gomame JigThis Cobia totally deformed the split rings that held the assist hooks and Gomame jig!

Fishing was extremely tough on the first day. Apart from the Tenggiri, the Trevally were nowhere to be found! We worked hard. We really did! At times, we could see the screen filled with fish but yet nothing would even take interest in the jigs, whether fished fast or slow. The only highlight in the evening was when Noel hit a big one on a slightly heavier outfit. Sadly, the fish won the battle.

Juvenile Jemuduk

Day 2 was a little better. Our morning started with some micro jigging action at a deep drop-off next to a seamount. We hit many types of Trevally, from Sagai, Jemuduk, Diamond Trevally to Pompanos. There were some big ones mingling with the schools of Trevally because every now and then we’d hit one good fish, only to have the hook pull or line break off.

Diamond Trevally on Storm Micro JigPompano! With Storm Micro Jig.

Noel staying alive
Noel had countless big fish hookups but failed to convert. It’s as if these fish were out intentionally to bully him. Poor chap! 

Noel poses with a Selar Papan
Nevertheless he had some good fun on XOS Selar Papan.

Diamond Trevally on 80g Storm Koika jig
Slow jigging time! This Pompano got teased with an 80g Storm Koika worked really slow.

Diamond Trevally on Jig
Wing Cheong is trying not to smile but deep down we know he’s happy :) 

Golden Trevally on jig
Golden Trevally were roaming about too.

Tuskfish on Storm Koika jigSlow jigging the bottom can spring some surprises, in this case, a Tuskfish caught on the Storm Koika 80g.

Slow jigging brought many surprises later that afternoon. Our skipper brought us to a patch that was supposed to have a fair bit of Coral Trout roaming about. Strangely, none hit our jigs. Instead, we were visited by Tuskfish (Ketarap)! The Storm Koika jigs were just left to drop and flutter right to the bottom and lifted about 1-2 metres above the sea floor with a crank or two of the reel handle. This slow but deadly motion must have aroused the curiosity of the Tuskfish for we landed four of them by slow jigging the Storm Koika!

Uncle Thomas' Tuskfish on Storm Koika jigUncle Thomas was very overjoyed to land his first Ketarap (Tuskfish) on Storm Koika.

Tuskfish on Storm Koika jig
Fred followed suit with a nice-sized Tuskfish on the Koika Green Sardine.

Tuskfish on Storm Koika jig
Four assist hooks were used to have a more secure hookup. Keep the kevlar on the tail end short.

Daniel Wan with Tuskfish on Storm Koika 80g
One more for the Koika 80g in Naked Flash!

Tuskfish on Storm Koika jig
Slow jigging can yield some really great surprises! Give it a try!

Captain with Tuskfish on Storm Koika Jig
Ping was surprised that a short and stumpy jig like the Koika could arouse the attention of Tuskfish.

Jemuduk on Storm Koika Jig

This Jemuduk fought really hard!

I was merely cranking up the Koika to reset with the drift and in the process, throwing the occasional short, sharp pitch in between cranks. Little did I know that this motion was going to get me ‘in trouble’. Something slammed the Naked Flash Koika 80g mid-water, forcing me to scramble into a more comfortable position. I was totally caught off-guard! Line tore off the Ryoga Bay Jigging 2025 without mercy. Almost instantaneously, Ray also had a similar hit! You couldn’t tell whether the grimacing on his face was from enjoyment or from pain! These two were likely from the same school as they had similar fighting styles and plenty of reserve, fighting all the way to the boat. After what felt like eternity, the two fish surfaced – Big Jemuduk (Bludger Trevally)!

Jemuduk on IMA Gun
Ray fought this Bludger Trevally hard too!

Golden Trevally on Storm Gomame jig(Golden Trevally to Gomame Jig) “Let’s see who has more bands!”

Day 3 started with a bang! We had bright sunny skies and calm seas. More importantly, the fish were rather cooperative. Oh, and did I mention these were BIG fish? They were unstoppable! We had several hookups that even required gunning the boat to give chase. Somehow, the hooks either came off, or leaders were shredded at the rocks.

Fish On!Uncle Thomas latched onto a mighty big fish. We had to gun the boat and give chase but the fish decided it wasn’t going to say hello to us today.

GT on IMA Gun jigRay displays a juvenile GT on IMA Gun

Queenfish on Storm Thunder Jig Green SardineQueenies soon joined the foray.

Queenfish on Storm Thunder Jig Green SardineThe ever-versatile Storm Thunder Jig in Green Sardine pattern.

Hookup!Wing Cheong finally hooks up onto something decent that sends the line spewing! Sadly, the end result was a heartbreak.

Tuskfish on Storm Thunder Jig
A small Tuskfish on Day 3, taken this time on Storm Thunder Jig.

One Jig Two Fish! Storm Koika jigHow’s that for double happiness! The advantages of having two sets of assist hooks!

Hooked onto JemudukEvery angler’s dream moment – the fully loaded rod!

Jemuduk on Storm Thunder JigWhat do we have here?

Jemuduk on Storm Thunder JigA very decent Jemuduk on Thunder Jig 40g! As always, you know Wing Cheong is happy though he isn’t smiling! 

Jemuduk on Storm Thunder JigMugshot of South East Asia’s ‘Kingfish’.

Jemuduk on Storm Thunder JigPing plucks another from the same school with the Thunder Jig Green Sardine. This pattern seems to be a favourite! 

Storm Super Gomoku JigNoel finally breaks the cold streak with a juvie Jemuduk.

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A lot has happened since my last visit to Sungai Paloh (see story on ‘Sungai Paloh – Where Mangrove Jacks Roam) in 2012. For one, lure casting has taken off by leaps and bounds, with many local anglers turning from bait fishing to lure casting. Even local commercial fishermen have begun trolling up and down Sungai Paloh with lures after seeing the impressive results from lure anglers.

Ferry crossing at PalohFerry crossing at Sambas

Frankly speaking, Yu Hock and I were still unsure what our fishing plans were the moment we touched down at Supadio International Airport in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Our initial plan was to try light jigging off the coast but freaky weather leading up to the trip forced us to prepare for other options. As such, we brought along both light jigging gear and lure fishing outfits to match prevailing weather conditions.

Barramundi MJ Casting Paloh 3Our good friend Wijaya who hails from the town of Singkawang.

It was good to see Wijaya again. His ever-cheerful smile cushioned the impact of bad news: heading out to sea will be out of the question due to 3-4 metre waves. The alternative plan would be to head for Sambas, approximately 7 hours’ drive away. Having experienced the Mangrove Jack action there about a year ago, I was pretty keen to have another go fishing the mangroves. With Kedi on the wheel, we headed straight for Kampung Sebubus, Sambas.

On the road to Kampung SebubusOn the road towards Sungai Paloh. The road conditions were much better now.

Paloh’s New Generation of Lure Anglers
On my previous trip, I was introduced to Arif Bulek, a young police officer attached to the Sambas district. At that time, Arif was still not into the lure fishing game. I remember passing him a Storm Thunderstick Madflash lure as a parting gift on the last day of our fishing. Fast-forward a year later, Arif is now an accomplished lure angler with many good estuary fish species under his belt. Seeing his success, many of Paloh’s young anglers accustomed to bait fishing also turned to lure fishing. Thus, was the birth of Paloh’s new generation of lure anglers.

Barramundi MJ Casting Paloh 11Arif Bulek displays a nice MJ plucked from the shelter of the mangroves behind. 

Arif was gracious indeed to host Yu Hock, Wijaya, Kedi and myself at his family home in Kampung Sebubus. After unloading all our luggage and equipment, we set off for the Sungai Paloh estuary system.

Double hookup of MJDouble happiness! Size doesn’t matter. It’s the fun that counts!

New Moon = Challenging Estuary Fishing
Our fishing dates were planned to coincide with the new moon period, perfect for jigging pelagic fish. Unfortunately jigging was not going to be on our agenda this time around and fishing the mangrove systems on a new moon was going to be rather challenging due to faster currents and poor water visibility. Well, beggars can’t be choosers and we just had to do our best to catch some good fish.

MJ on Rapala Taildancer DeepAs always, the Rapala Deep Tail Dancers produced the goods when the fishing was tough.

The main Paloh river was slighty stained on the outgoing tide. However that didn’t stop us from catching a few nice Mangrove Jacks at the mangrove edges.  Rapala Deep Taildancers and Storm Deep Thunderstick Madflash were the most effective lures. Somehow the MJs preferred minnow profiles to the shads. Fishing was still as good as I remembered, with the obvious snags producing some nice fish. No monsters, but still some nice ones that would take some line out on a fairly decent drag setting. The fondly remembered ‘Kampung MJ’ was equally still as productive. We pulled out MJs one after another from this spot for a good twenty minutes before the bites tapered off.

MJ on Rapala Jigging RapIt’s not uncommon to get Mangrove Jacks on Rapala Jigging Rap!
Cast them out, let them sink to the bottom then twitch-twitch-pause.

We rendezvoused with another boat at the intersection of two rivers. The lone angler on the other boat was seen casting a lure repeatedly at a spot where the two rivers met. Wijaya introduced us to Pak Long, a simple fisherman who turned lure-caster just about a year back. He used to catch fish with traditional methods until he discovered the effectiveness of lures in catching Mangrove Jacks, Barramundi and Grouper from around the estuaries. Together with his expansive knowledge of the river system and the fish holding spots, his catch record ballooned by leaps and bounds! According to Wijaya, he was so successful catching fish with lures that he has never looked back to the traditional methods! That said, we were assured he only takes what is needed from the river.

Storm Smash Shad catches MJStorm lures in UV patterns such as this Smash Shad are very popular and work very well in Paloh. 

Evening Strike
We experienced plenty of Mangrove Jack strikes throughout the day despite the fast current and slightly discoloured water. There was this particular spot where an old hut had collapsed by the water edge. Timber logs strewn all over had MJ and Grouper marked all over. We made some good casts into the snags but failed to raise any interest. Wijaya assured us that things will change as the sun set.

Rapala Deep Tail Dancer TDD07 with Mangrove JackWhen it comes to mangrove fishing, the sexy tail kick of the balsa wood Rapala Deep Tail Dancer (TDD07) is truly unbeatable.

True to his word, we returned to the very same spot just about sunset and instantly we had multiple savage strikes. Mangrove Jacks and Groupers slammed our Storm Thundercrank and Rapala Taildancers with no mercy! The change of tide coinciding with the fading light signalled the feeding frenzy! We literally had to leave the fish biting as it was about an hour’s boat ride back to the village and navigating the estuaries in the dark was not such a good idea.

MJ on Storm ThunderCrank  Evening was the prime hunting time!

Grouper on Storm Thunder Crank
An estuary grouper chomps down on a Storm Thunder Crank

Waiting it Out At The Rivermouth
The next day, we decided to have a go at the Paloh rivermouth. The run-off tide made fishing unfavourable as most rivers within the estuary had become discoloured. This rivermouth was memorable for me as I remembered tucking into freshly smoked Mangrove Jack over a fire the last time I visited.

Estuary rivermouth lure castingWaiting for the tide to rise

Mangrove Jack on Rapala Shad Rap
The only Mangrove Jack that morning.

Mangrove Jack on Rapala Shad Rap
She’s a beauty!

The water had receded to its lowest level by the time we reached the rivermouth. Apart from a small Mangrove Jack taken on Rapala Shad Rap, everything was quiet. This was to be expected in estuary fishing. It’s a rare occurrence that the fishing would be hot the entire day. Even then, being anglers, a lure in the water is always an additional chance of getting something hooked up.

Bream on Rapala Shad RapSurprise catch! A bream that attacked a Rapala Shad Rap! Size sure wasn’t an issue! 

Sungai Paloh estuaryWhat a scene! Check out the extremely clear water when the tide came up!

I could see Arif and Wijaya becoming more alert when the tidal stream switched directions. Their casts became more intentional and lures were placed accurately in specific areas that appeared to be obvious ambush points. Interestingly, the incoming tide also brought in much clearer water and before long, the once muddy water transformed into a waterway with very clear water! The entire landscape somehow changed in an instant! I suddenly felt as if I was in some remote coast off Australia’s Northern Territory!

Barramundi casting with Storm ThunderstickBarramundi! Woohoo!

Rising Tide Actions
From a distance, I saw Arif postured in a fish-fighting stance. He was on! Clambering over with casting outfit in one hand and a clunky DSLR in another, I arrived just in time to see him lip the white-bodied fish. Barramundi! His faithful Storm Thunderstick Madflash retrieved slowly with the occasional wrist work did the trick!

Storm Mojo in action

The fish were biting! Time for action! I barely had a chance to make a cast before the ‘Incredible Hock’ locked horns with something serious. The Rapala Taildancer was happily ‘knocking’ the rocks at the drop-off from the edge when it was selfishly grabbed with full force. Sensing something amiss, the fish began swimming downstream against the current! Being landbased was, in a sense, a disadvantage as the fish could just dash for the nearest rock and cut you off in an instant. As if on cue, the fish dived for a large boulder several feet away.

Queensland Grouper (Bumble bee) on Rapala Tail Dancer Deep

Without hesitation, Wijaya undressed and jumped into the water to dislodge the fish. Thinking that a larger predator had appeared, the fish dashed out, enabling Yu Hock to continue the fight before subsequently landing the prized “Bumble Bee”! It was a beautifully Queensland Grouper! This was a very special catch that made everyone extremely jubilant! Of course, we released the beautiful Bumble Bee thereafter!

Queensland Grouper Bumble Bee on Rapala Tail Dancer DeepThere’s a reason why he’s called the Incredible Hock!

Releasing Queensland GrouperTime for revival and release!

Rivermouth Barra!
Wijaya brought out a prototype Storm lure that resembled the Storm Thunder Barra. It was the new Storm Thunder Barra Deep. This was a deep-diving version of the proven Barra lure in these parts in bright chartreuse. He seemed confident that this was going to latch on to the mouth of a nice, big Barra. As before, I barely managed five casts when Wijaya was suddenly engaged in a tussle.

Storm Mojo vs Barramundi

A silvery fish broke the surface with vigorous headshakes and gills flaring. Another Barramundi! We watched in awe as the fish repeated the headshaking feats before Wijaya had it under his control. It was a stubborn fellow, refusing to be landed. The brightly coloured Storm Mojo rod was nicely arched, contrasting nicely with the surroundings for great photos!

Barramundi Jumping Shot

Wijaya was not in a hurry. We had plenty of time anyway. There’s no guessing whose smile was the broadest when the Barra entered the net. It was a good fish! Like all other fish before, this one was also duly released.

Barramundi on Storm Thunder Barra DeepWijaya hoists a wild Barramundi from Paloh’s rivermouth on the prototype Storm Thunder Barra Deep 

Storm Thunder Barra DeepSecurely hooked.

Putting on another Deep Thunder Barra prototype, Wijaya quickly resumed casting position. Almost instantly, he had two strikes that failed to hookup. Taking a closer look at the lure, he discovered that he had forgotten to remove the clear plastic hook sleeves in his haste. We had a good laugh and encouraged him to go for more casts. The lure didn’t get to swim long enough in the water before being engulfed by another Barra! I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Storm Mojo 6-12lbWijaya hopping from rock to rock as the fish swam upriver!

Storm Thunder Barra DeepThe magnificent saltwater Barramundi of Paloh that whacked the Storm Thunder Barra Deep lure.

Wijaya and Barramundi (Storm Thunder Barra Deep)Happiness is… a Barramundi in hand!

Release Barramundi
Like all the other fish, this lucky Barra was released.

Goodbye Paloh
We wrapped up our session by noon as we had to set-off for our 7-hour drive back to Pontianak. Even though it was a very short visit to Paloh for Yu Hock and I, we were truly blessed with reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

How does it feel?“How does it feel after releasing a big fish?”

I was personally encouraged that lure fishing was making such inroads in Paloh and that many have begun exercising catch and release too. I do hope this awareness will be propagated from here to the other neighbouring villages and beyond so that the good catches they are currently enjoying now will continue to be enjoyed by many more in the future.

Sunset over Sungai Paloh

Get your Storm lures at 2fishtackle.com!



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无意间刚迎接到来的2014年已迈入了炎热的 3 月份。这月份如对与普通老百姓来说只不过是换个炎热天气和继续埋头干活而已,并无任何的差异。但如果你是和我一样喜欢户外钓鱼活动者来说,这月份就显然意义非凡了!此话何解呢?如果您是名海钓爱好者的话,这时正好适逢开港时期,也是一些因天气问题(封港)而被逼在家度日如年的中毒堪深铁板迷解除钓瘾之月份,这时也是钓取疯癫全马轻跌(Light Jig)主要对象鱼之一斧头鲳(Ebek)的最佳时刻!

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam


Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

位于北马吉打的 Muda Dam 便是个活生生的例子,这时正处于旱季的那里便是当地钓友们钓取些破本身记录生鱼的最佳时刻,那时候您只需在些浅水湖湾以深潜或沉性假饵耐心慢速拖底便能钓获平日买少见少见的肥美大生鱼与尖头斑!当然这时也是我与战艇最为忙碌的月份之一,我与伙伴们也乘着这旱季造访了很多大马闻名的河流,矿湖和水坝钓场。如位于太平和怡宝的废矿湖泊,同属霹雳州的闻名爱干达水库,Chenderoh 水坝和红泥山湖做实体测验钓场。

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

在这低水位时期如是乘船作钓者必须格外小心行驶,那些平日掩藏在湖底的枯树桩会因水位下跌而暴露出水面,有些则是肉眼察觉不到的与水平线平齐的木桩,很多的翻船事件就是因这类结构而形成的,所以在这非常时候如果不熟悉当地环境者最好是雇佣道地的向导或放慢行船速度,最基本的安全措施也必须做足,就比如很多钓鱼老手都忽略的救生衣!随着时代的进步,现今的救生衣已不再是从前大家所形容的穿后身体僵硬灵活度欠佳或闷热问题恒生等的排斥品。就如我所用着的 Rapala 腰围救生衣便是个专为抛投爱好者特别而设的轻便救生衣之一。那环绕在腰间的设计也完全符合了讲究灵活伸延动作的 Sport Fishing 钓者使用,也让我在任何时候都能够安心的站立在小船上进行抛投。还是老话一句:安全第一,钓鱼第二!

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

话说回头,在这些各样各色的钓场中,往往因钓场的结构与水位的差别而必须使用到不同的钓具与假饵。历史永久的 Rapala 与Storm 品牌在这方面可说是下住了相关的因对功夫,不管是再恶劣的钓场也总会有些合适的假饵款系来涵盖它们(钓点)。

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

比如在长满水性植物如:猫尾草和金鱼草的红泥山湖与 Chenderoh湖,一般我会选用浅水型假饵如 Storm 出品的 FlutterStick,TwitchStick,ThunderStick,Chug Bug 或可用于呈献 Skipping 抛投法的 WildEye Rippin Swim Shad 软胶鱼来执行寻找多鳗鱼的任务。如欲在浓密的猫尾草区抛投,我首推能够慢速下沉的水中笔饵 FlutterStick 为首,在经过更换单钩后的它能够在软性水草区来去自如。

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

而设有短潜水板的 Minnow 式如 TwitchStick,ThunderStick 或崭新的 Rapala Scatter Rap 系列则多用于搜索浅水倒树区或水性植物边缘,如是 Minnow 款式者,配以短抽法来呈献将会增添多一番挑逗吸引力。而拥有独特潜板设计的 Scatter Rap 则只需慢速直线回收便可发挥出它那有如慌张逃亡式的S泳姿!

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam


Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam


Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

在选好钓点后,就是进行部署的时候了。通常小船进入抛投范围后,我们都会降低说话的声量,如没必要就尽量减少在船上的移动好让船身保持平稳,然后眼观四方细心观察周围是否有出现多鳗上来换气所形成的涟漪,如发现目标后就二话不说以最快的速度把那早已准备好的假饵给抛过去。假饵方面附有潜板的深水款式是我的首选,当中计有 Storm 出品的 Thunder Crank,Smash Shad 和 Rapala 的 Tail Dancer,X-Rap Deep 和 Risto Rap 等。

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

常常就有很多钓友和我申述近来在些热门钓场水面换气的多鳗总是很排斥假饵,其实并不以为然,但如果阁下想要提高多鳗的咬饵率,单单是把假饵准确的给投到多鳗涟漪处是不主够的。这里有个小贴士与大家分享,如是在些 20 尺以上的钓点,通常我发现多鳗涟漪后,在我把假饵抛出前,我会让头脑冷静的使用1至1秒半的时间来分辨出多鳗“打水”后的方向去处,这可从多鳗在水面翻身摆尾时观察得到,确定了摆尾方向后就把深潜假饵给抛到涟漪遍左或遍右

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

(视观察涟漪而定)的 10 尺以外来做假饵的落水点。再用特快的收线速度来把假饵给潜带到最深位置,当假饵到达理想深潜水位后才稍微放慢收线的速度来回收,如阁下判断方向正确,假饵通常都会顺利的在多曼附近身边游过,这时的多鳗鱼就会基于本能反应而对那目中无人的“入侵者”做出攻击!反之如是抛错方向,除非那是条饿得不行的多鳗鱼或是在处于交配期者才会对于那已有一段距离的假饵有所兴趣,但在大多数时候多鳗回头来攻击假饵的机会都不高。此方法虽然不是每抛即咬,但我相信多少都会提高你一整天的咬饵率!

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

Toman Casting, Storm Lures, Muda Dam

最后,希望大家都能把这拼劲十足的游戏鱼给 100% 的钓后放,毕竟现阶段的多鳗数量与体型已卓见萎缩中,希望在大家的联手维护下,本土多鳗鱼在未来的日子里依然源源不绝!在此愿大家 Fish On Everyday!


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Here’s a catch report sent in by Nigel H. about a recent jungle bashing trip with some Storm and Trigger X soft plastics. He was fishing with Mr Shin Ishimaru who was visiting from Japan and hoping to catch his first Temensis.

Shin Ishimaru with Temensis

Storm Pro Minnow in Red / Orange was the flavour of the day.

Storm Soft Plastics for Temensis

Next up was Trigger X Minnow in Pink.

Storm Soft Plastics for Temensis

This fellow was caught from tight timber cover.

Storm Soft Plastics for Temensis

Slow hopping the Storm Pro Minnow rigged with a VMC Barbarian ball head jig at the bottom attracted this specimen.

Storm Soft Plastics for Temensis

This one was caught from a very narrow channel by fast twitching a Storm Pro Minnow.

Storm soft plastics

Couldn’t resist a Storm 4” Pro Minnow in Red / Orange.

Storm Soft plastics

One of a cruising pair of Temensis that fell for a Trigger X Aggression Minnow in Pink.

Shin Ishimaru with Temensis

Shin Ishimaru’s Temensis – caught on a Storm 4″ Pro Minnow in Red / Orange.

Get your Storm and Trigger X Soft Plastics from 2fishtackle.com!

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A bunch of “Storm Troopers” descended upon Pasir Ris Pro Pond one bright, sunny morning for a short 3-hour session of casting. It was a short session to pacify the hands itching to hop some lures and hopefully get some bends on the rods too. Naturally, soft plastics in the form of Storm Pro Shad, Grubs and Trigger X Swimming Grubs were lures of choice.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

“Decisions… decisions… which lure to use?”

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

The assortment of soft plastics. Trigger X stands out with the impregnated Ultrabite Aggression Pheromones. The best part – it’s not slimy, yucky or smelly when handled.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

A beautiful day for a few casts.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

The first few casts yield some Fingermarks. This one on Storm Pro Shad slow hopped off the bottom.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Mangrove Jacks soon followed in quick succession on the Trigger X Swimming Grubs

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Close up mug shot.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Some Barras came by to say hello too!

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Not big, but still loads of fun.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Some of the fishes also loved the sharp colours of the Trigger X grubs like this little Barramundi

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Real men love pink… oh yea!

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

The fingermark loved the dark colours like black/gold which stood out in the slightly discoloured water.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

There were some ‘goal-keeper’ cases when the lure was taken right on the first drop.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Varying between the slow hopping and slow winding off the bottom also has its merits.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Again, the darker colours worked their charm.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

But at the end of the day, the most hits came from the black/gold Pro Shads.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Neatly hooked up.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Going for more gold!

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

The fun thing about fishing soft plastics is that they are so versatile and you can rig and fish them in many ways.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Storm Pro Shad rigged with VMC Barbarian Jig Head

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

More Fingermark

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Chartreuse Pro Shad

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Storm Pro Shad in green.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Fred’s mighty pleased.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

This one’s on Trigger X Swimming Grub. It must have mistaken it for an orange dessert. Yumz!

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

One of the many more Fingermark landed on Storm Pro Shad.

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

When you can’t spend a whole day fishing and only got a handful of hours to spare, a fishing pond is a great and convenient alternative. Arm yourself with a light outfit, some soft plastics and jig heads and you’re ready to catch some fish!

Pasir Ris Pond Grub Soft Plastics

Don’t forget to bring some Storm and Trigger X soft plastics!

Get your Storm and Trigger X Soft Plastics from 2fishtackle.com!

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Bulan February dan Mac adalah bulan yang saya sentiasa nantikan pada setiap tahun kerana bulan ini adalah masanya untuk saya merasakan tarikan ikan Ebek Diamond Trevally dengan kaedah jigging ringan kerana pada bulan inilah, dikatakan gerombolan Ebek dan ikan-ikan pemangsa yang lain akan bermain-main dan mencari makan disekitar batu-batu karang di perairan Pekan selepas berakhirnya monsun.

Pekan Ebek

Pada bulan ini  jugalah yang dinantikan oleh Abg Zul untuk meracun kawan-kawan dengan gambar tangkapan ebek di Pekan dengan kaedah jigging ringan yang semakin digilainya. Gambar-gambar hasil tangkapan dari pengusaha boat di Pekan sentiasa kami nantikan didalam ruangan Facebook mereka.

ZulEbek bergincu oleh Abang Zul.

Reza Azwan Pekan Ebek Jigging6Gerong Belang juga turut serta membaham jig

Segala persiapan jigging dipersiapkan bagi menanti tibanya musim ebek, jig-jig seberat 40g selalunya menjadi pilihan apabila turun ke perairan ini. Storm Southeast Asia telah mengeluarkan jig yang terbaru bernama “KOIKA” (bererti sotong mengabang dalam bahasa Jepun) dan inilah masanya yang sesuai untuk saya sendiri mengujinya. Lantaran itu juga saya juga berpeluang untuk menguji rod micro jigging terbaru dari Storm iaitu Storm Keiryo PE0.4-1 untuk diuji sepenuhnya.

Reza Azwan Pekan Ebek Jigging4

Perairan Pekan, Pahang bukan nama asing lagi bagi peminat-peminat light jigging dan mikro jigging.  Trip pembuka tirai musim ini membawa rezeki yang lumayan bagi saya dan rakan-rakan kerana Amir telah menjumpai tempat dimana Ebek berkumpulan dalam kumpulan yang banyak bermain- main dan mencari makan. Alhamdulillah ketibaan kami kali ini tepat pada masa dan tempatnya kerana saat  inilah masanya untuk merasai tarikan spesies elusif ini dan tarikan yang berkali-kali dan banyak.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingAmir tidak melepaskan peluang merasai keluaran rod jigging Storm Keiryo dan reel Rapala Rage untuk 2014.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro Jigging
Liuk lentuk kelembutan joran Storm Gomoku Keiryo menghadiah saya ikan pertama 2014.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingGandingan mantap Storm Gomoku Keiryo dengan Daiwa Caldia 2500 dan jig Storm Gomoku Koika 40g. Mikro kan set pancingan anda untuk kepuasan maksimum!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro Jigging“Close up” Gomoku Koika – Jig Alaf Baru Keluaran Storm.

Reza Azwan Pekan Ebek Jigging1
Ebek bulat berkeliaran berdekatan kawasan karang.

Reza Azwan Pekan Ebek Jigging2
Jig Storm Koika direka khas untuk gaya jigging perlahan ataupun ‘slow style jigging’.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingGerong Belang tidak tahan dengan lenggokan KOIKA “Naked Flash Zebra dihenjutkan 2-3 kaki dari dasar laut.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingLentur Keiryo PE0.4-1 bila dihenjut Sang Ebek.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingDouble strike Keiryo spinning dan baitcasting series!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingTriple hookup ” GoMoKu Family Rod” Yeahhh!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingLayan-layan!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingGomoku Super Skarp (HYB) menjadi juga apabila ia dimainkan jigging ala-ala yoyo.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingKalau kena timing dan tempatnya triple strike sering terjadi.. GoMoKu! Yeah!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingLight tackle mania!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingJarang- jarang warna Pink dihambat Ebek Pekan, tapi dengan lenggokan KOIKA (SPZ) mengiurkan Ebek.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingJoran Gomoku Keiryo + Baitcaster Rapala Rage + Storm Koika SPZ (Silver Pink Zebra) + tali Sufix 832 10lb.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingKepuasan maksimum apabila size Ebek didaratkan dengan set pancingan ringan.

Reza Azwan Pekan Ebek Jigging3
Haruan Tasik juga ditemui ketika mencari Ebek.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingKepuasan maksimum apabila orang baru berpeluang merasai sendiri aksi joran Storm Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingSyiok sekali!

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingHenjutan-henjutan pendek dihujung rod tip Storm Gomoku Keiryo dan juga tarian perlahan KOIKA warna UVSB menghadiah Ebek size yang  diinginkan.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingJoran Keiryo yang lembut mampu menahan larian rakus Ebek tanpa mengoyakkan mulutnya yang halus.

Pekan Ebek Jigging Storm Gomoku Koika Keiryo Micro JiggingKombinasi antara boatman dan pemancing amat penting, Henjutan-henjutan perlahan dan laju dihujung rod yng dimainkan Amir menghasilkan strike dan ikan ini didaratkan oleh Mohamad Reza untuk merasai sendiri aksi rod Storm Keiryo dari Storm.

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Amir (Facebook: Amir Jig Otai)
Hubungi: +6013 974 8944 / +6013 971 5911

Get your Storm Gomoku Keiryo (PE0.4-1) jigging rod and Storm Gomoku Koika jigs from 2fishtackle.com!

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Semah! WOW! mendengar namanya membuat saya menjadi galau karena melihat beberapa foto angler dari teman Putussibau di account jejaring sosial mengingatkan saya akan ekspedisi masa-masa sebelumnya.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 1

Saya terbayang-bayang akan tarikan ikan air pergunungan ini. Kopi darat pun dilangsungkan untuk mencari teman-teman yang mahu diajak bergabung dalam trip kali ini. Anom Alamak, Otong Alamak, Arif Budiman dan saya Wijaya Caster akhirnya sepakat melaksanakan trip atas undangan teman-teman dari Kabupaten yang sangat jauh ini yaitu Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 34

Trip dilaksanakan pada Tanggal 28 Maret 2013 tepat pada pukul 16:00. Perjalanan trip ini kami laksanakan dengan menempuh perjalanan darat selama kurang lebih 18 jam diselingi beberapa kali istirahat untuk menghilangkan penat dan rasa mabuk yang mendera. Angler juga masih bisa mabuk darat masbro…..

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 39

Dan akhirnya tepat pada pukul 10:00 pagi kami tiba di Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu dan disambut dengan teman-teman yang telah bersiap dengan berbagai macam perlengkapan dan logistic kami selama melakukan trip ini diantaranya: Budi Budap, Pejuang Hamaz, Ivan Prasetya serta Bang Mardan.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 3

Sebelum berangkat menuju spot kami melakukan sarapan pagi yang sudah terlambat sekaligus melakukan cek dan ricek atas semua perlengkapan dan perbekalan kami. Tepat pada pukul 13:00 setelah melakukan sholat Jumat kami melakukan perjalanan menuju spot menggunakan 2 buah ‘long boat’ yang telah didesain khusus untuk mengarungi sungai-sungai berarus deras.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 10

Dalam trip ini kami ditemani oleh Bapak Kepala Desa setempat yaitu Pak Zainal yang bertindak sebagai motoris dan Bang Along sebagai juru batu (istilah penunjuk alur yang tepat untuk dilalui) pada long boat pertama dan Bapak Coy sebagai motoris serta bang Al pada long boat kedua. Kami juga membawa dua sahabat kecil kami: Raihan dan Ibad yang mana putera dari Pak Zainal dan Pak Coy keduanya gemar berpetualang dan memancing mengikuti jejak sang ayah mereka.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 36

Setelah menempuh 3 jam perjalanan akhirnya kami memutuskan untuk berhenti mengingat hari yang sudah gelap dan mendung disertai hujan rintik rintik untuk mendirikan tenda peristirahatan kami untuk malam pertama ini. Masing-masing personil mengerjakan tugas dan tanggungjawab serta bergotong-royong dalam membangun base camp kami. Setelah semuanya selesai kami pun langsung mempersiapkan tackle, karena sudah tidak sabar untuk memancing dan sekaligus mencari lauk untuk makan malam kami.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 7

Tidak perlu waktu yang lama semua para angler sudah berkonsentrasi melakukan testing lure dan berpencar mencari spot yang potensial menurut insting masing-masing. Teriakan Budi Budap membahana memecah konsentrasi kami.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 2

STRIKE!!!! Hahahaha…. ternyata beliau mendapatkan sambaran tepat di depan tenda peristirahatan kami. Dengan berhati-hati dan perlahan-lahan beliau melakukan fight dan berhasil menaikan seekor ikan semah berbobot 1.8kg. Hahahaha! Tawa mengejek pun keluar dari pita suara beliau membuat para castinger lain tersenyum sinis. Dengan bangga iya menyebutkan umpan spoonnya tetap yang terbaik dan langsung berpose terbaik untuk diabadikan melalui kamera yang kami bawa.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 32

Tak lama berselang teriakan Otong Alamak lagi lagi membuat kami tertawa tawa. Dengan fight yang cukup singkat dia berhasil menaikan 1 ekor Hampala berukuran yang lumayan buat bikin bangga. Hari menjelang malam segala macam masakan sudah siap untuk dihidangkan yaitu ikan bakar semah dan masakan ikan sungai lainnya yang diperoleh dari para teman-teman yang memasang jaring. Canda tawa dan cengkrama sesama semua personil memenuhi suara tenda kami disertai bunyi senandung hewan hewan malam. Kamipun beristirahat untuk menyiapkan tenaga guna perjalanan esok hari menuju spot yang sesungguhnya.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 22

Dalam perjalanan menuju spot yang lebih kehulu sungai, kami langsung melakukan kegiatan memancing. Dalam perjalanan beberapa teman juga mengalamai strike ikan Semah dan Hampala tetapi ukurannya tidak begitu besar. Sepanjang perjalanan kami disuguhkan dengan pemandangan-pemandangan hutan serta merasakan suasana alam serta gemericik air riam yang mana ikan-ikan berenang sungguh terlihat jelas tanpa menggunakan kacamata khusus. Wow!!! sangat menakjubkan!


Berkali-kali kami terpaksa harus turun mendorong long boat kami yang tersangkut dikayu dan bebatuan dikarenakan kondisi air yang surut. Huhhhh… sungguh melelahkan tetapi sangat seru dan mengasikan disinilah kerja sama tim harus diterapkan. Sehingga muncul kata-kata: SATU-SATUNYA JALAN YA LEWAT SATU-SATU UNTUK SAMPAI TUJUAN KEDEPAN. Ini maksudnya karena jalannya hanya muat buat 1 long boat makanya jalannya mesti satu-satu untuk sampai pada tujuan didepan.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 14

Setiba dibase camp kedua seperti biasa pembagian tugas dan tanggungjawab tetap pada porsinya masing-masing. Pekerjaan pendirian tenda pun berlangsung dengan cepat. Kami semua bergegas langsung menuju kehulu sungai dan kemudian drifting dan landbase.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 18

Ditempat pemberhentian terakhir longboat, Pejuang Hamaz langsung tancap gas pada lemparan pertama langsung. Strike!!! Saya perhatikan hampir 5 menit beliau fight terhadap sambaran ikan kali ini. Karena air yang bening jelas terlihat dimata saya seekor Semah Monster telah menyambar lure spoon andalannya dan ikan ini memang tidak mahu menyerah ditambah dengan arus sungai yang tidak begitu deras membuat rod 17lbnya beraksi parabolic! Huhhhh….menyeramkan!!! Tetapi akhirnya TEZZZZZ….benang 40lbnya putus!!! Raut muka kecewa jelas terlihat dimuka beliau!!! Tenang waktu masih panjang ujar saya memberi semangat.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 16
Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 15

Durasi strike dihari kedua ini cukup banyak sekali diantaranya Arif Budiman yang sukses menaikan beberapa ekor Hampala yang merupakan tarikan ikan Hampala pertama beliau. Senyum sumringah pun keluar dari bibirnya.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 12
Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 27

Otong Alamak yang sudah tak terhitung strikenya meskipun hanya berukuran sedang serta Ivan Prasetya yang selalu bereksperimen dengan lure topwaternya sudah berhasil menaikan beberapa ekor ikan Semah dan Hampala. Serta Budi Budap dan Pejuang Hamaz yang bisa dibilang BEST OF THE BEST dihari kedua ini karena sangat banyak menaikan ikan dengan spoon andalannya.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 6

Kegiatan memancing hari kedua ini kami lakukan sampai pada pukul 13:00 dikarenakan semuanya sudah puas dengan strike masing-masing sehingga kami memutuskan untuk kembali ke camp dan bersantai-santai tetapi diantaranya masih ada yang melakukan kegiatan memancing.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 5

Sambil menunggu malam kami membakar beberapa ikan hasil tangkapan kami dan beristirahat dipantai berbatu ditemani suara alam. Sangat menyegarkan dan membuat rileks semua beban pikiran dan canda tawa serta gurauan mewarnai hari ini hingga larut malam. Kamipun beristirahat guna mengumpulkan tenaga untuk besok harinya.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 20

Tepat pada pukul 07:00 kami semua sudah siap berangkat untuk pulang sambil berkemas dan melakukan sarapan pagi sesekali saya melihat teman-teman melempar lure-lure andalan masing-masing dilokasi depan tenda persitirahatan kami. Kali ini Budi Budap yang ketiban rezeki JACKPOT! Umpannya disambar seekor hampala MONSTER!

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 19

Kami pun tertawa-tawa melihat aksi beliau yang terkejut karena diluar dugaan lurenya disambar oleh ikan dan kami mengabadikannya dengan membuat video singkat dan berkali-kali mengambil gambar ikan terbesarnya. Lagi-lagi senyum kebanggan beliau terpancar dari mukanya yang segar setelah mandi pagi.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 17

Teknik drifting akan kami terapkan dihari terakhir ini mengikuti arus sungai sambil menuju jalan pulang. Durasi strike yang didapatkan semua teman-teman juga sangat banyak dihari terakhir ini. Saya dan Pejuang Hamaz pun beraksi dengan menaikan masing masing 1 ekor Hampala yang mana berat dan ukurannya sama kembaran kali tetapi didapatkan dilokasi yang berbeda.

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 13

Tarikannya sungguh luar biasa yang membuat saya kewalahan meladeninya mesti tersangkut dan harus diselam. Ikan berhasil lepas dari sangkutan dan saya kembali meladeni perlawananya. Tidak begitu lama ikan berhasil dinaikan. Sungguh puas rasanya! Ikan yang cukup besar dan membuat treble saya terbuka dan hampir lepas!

Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 26
Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 25
Semah Putussibau - Fish On Mag 24

Begitu juga dengan Pejuang Hamaz yang yang melakukan fight dengan sangat hati-hati dan mendebarkan. Bunyi reel yang tak henti-hentinya membuat saya bertanya-tanya sebesar apa ikan yang diperolehnya. Akhirnya seekor Hampala monster juga behasil dinaikan dan menjadi penutup perolehan STRIKE kami pada trip kali ini…. BRAVO!!!!