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Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of ‘Madagascar’ is the image of King Julien the lemur singing, “I like to move it, move it!” (from DreamWorks’ animated film of the same name). In reality, the world’s fourth largest island, located off the east African coast is a fishing paradise just waiting to be explored. DANIEL WAN pens this journal from Nosy Be at the north-western coast of Madagascar. (Read more…)

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Once a Sebarau hotspot that eventually lost its lustre due to overfishing, Bukit Merah Lake has since recovered from its forgotten status and regained its place as one of the many freshwater options available to Malaysian lure anglers. WONG KOK PING tells us more about this fascinating lake up north of the Malaysian peninsular. (Read more…)

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Light Jigging Off Penang Island – Mack Tuna are fantastic candidates for light jigging. They are relatively abundant off Penang’s waters and are an easy target for light tackle jiggers. Some of these ‘torpedoes’ can be as large as 4kg! Imagine battling these on sub-PE1 tackle! (Read more…)