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Fred had the opportunity to fish with Tan Ho Hong who is well known to his friends as ”King of Grouper Casting”. Ho Hong, better known as Ah Hong, has always been very successful catching the groupers on deep diving lures and is keen to show Fred how it is done.



Storm Arashi Deep 25

Fred and Ho Hong meeting each other in the morning

The pair spent some good time sharing about the types of lures and also where to cast.

Storm Arashi Deep 25

Ho Hong and Fred having a discussion on which lures to use


Storm Arashi Deep 25

Both of them casting

Not wanting to ”eat ice-cream” local term for zero catch day, Ho Hong cheekily invited Fred to try his ”secret weapon” which is a rig that dangles micro soft bait for small fishes.

Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring

Ho Hong showing his secret weapon

Soon it was lunch time and both of them decided to take a break instead. Nothing beats a good lunch on boat!

Both enjoying lunch!

Both enjoying lunch!

It was back to fishing after a good lunch. Fred took Ho Hong¹s advice to use a shallower diver and cast nearer to the breakers, this advice worked and Fred got an unexpected hit.  The fish fell for the Rapala Risto Rap 9cm in Chrome colour and though putting up a good fight, it was soon subdued by Fred’s Rapala Vaaksy rod.

Rapala Risto Rap 09

At last, something is on the line for Fred Goh!


Rapala Risto Rap

Fred with a grouper on Rapala Risto Rap in 9cm

Fred decided to rest and take a jibe at Ho Hong for not trying harder to catch a fish.

Fred shaking his leg after his grouper

Fred shaking his leg after his grouper

Fishing was indeed tough for that day and Ho Hong blanked out, something that seldom happens to him. Sportingly he decided to treat Fred to ice cream after the trip, wishing that this will not ever happen again…

Both having a great time eating ice-cream together & wishing it will not happen again

Both having a great time eating ice-cream together 


ドカン タイラバスナッパー ボール

その卓越した潮噛み性能により、水面下での潮流の変化を感じ取り、攻撃的なゲーム展開が可能。リトリーブ、フォール時に強いS字波動を生み出す事で、高活性でその波動を好む真鯛はもちろん、それを嫌う真鯛にも「威嚇」もしくは「攻撃系」バイトを誘発。タイラバのルアーフィッシングとしてのゲーム性を徹底追及した、北九州GROOVE船長 加藤 誠氏完全監修のタイラバ “SNAPPER BALL” がシリーズ第一弾として登場!!


DOCAN Snapper Ball




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Sleek, lightweight, minimalist and strong. These words best describe the two new ultra-light rods from Rapala Southeast Asia. While designed for fishing with light lines and little reels, these rods are by no means pushovers and are capable of taming some decent fish.

Rapala Vespida 2-4lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

Rapala Vespida  Length: 6’6″  Rating: 2-4lb  Lure Weight: 1-6grams  Piece: 2pc

The Rapala Vespida (VPS662) is a 2-piece, 6’6″ spinning rod rated at 2-4lb with a recommended lure weight range of 1-6 grams. Much effort and testing has been put into this rod’s development to create a strong, yet well-balanced UL rod. Finesse fishing often involves fishing with very light poundage line and many UL rods feature a parabolic action to reduce the chances of breaking the light line, straightening out the hooks or tearing the hooks off the fish’s lips.

Rapala Vespida 2-4lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

However, having a rod that is too whippy also means sacrificing casting performance and sensitivity. The Vespida maintains a good balance, allowing superb castability and cushioning yet possessing sensitivity to detect the slightest bites and the grunt to stop streaking runs from the most stubborn Longfin Trevally (Sagai). Although the Vespida’s blank action design was developed around Sagai Aji’ing, it’s also well-suited for on-shore and freshwater finesse applications.

Rapala Keranga 1-3lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

Rapala Keranga Length: 6’6″ Rating: 1-3lb Lure Weight: 0.8-4.5grams Piece: 2pc

The 2-piece spinning Rapala Keranga (KRS662) also has a length of 6’6″ and rated at 1-3lb with a recommended lure weight range of 0.8-4.5 grams. The lighter of the two UL rods in the Super Light Dreamer series, the Keranga’s Japanese-style trout rod taper is well suited for working micro lures and Gomoku Soft micro soft plastics. The 1-3lb line rating may cause some to cringe at the thought of handling a rampaging Peacock Bass or hard-hitting Sagai but rest assured, this rod can take them on and offer plenty of fun!

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For folks who have been waiting for a jighead that’s strong, extremely sharp and has a high corrosion resistance in saltwater, wait no more! VMC introduces 2 new jigheads specially developed for the South East Asia market to tackle our hard-fighting fish and to suit a wide variety of soft plastics.

VMC7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead 2.5g 3.5g 7g 10g

VMC 7150XJ Barbarian® X Jighead

The 7150XJ Barbarian® X Jighead features VMC®’s Technical Locking Curve, a unique “V” like bend that allows for fast and effortless hook penetration while locking the fish securely upon hookup. The hook’s Technical Locking Curve also offers greater resistance to opening up. The 7150XJ comes in two hook sizes – Size 2 with jighead weights of 2.5 grams and 3.5 grams for finesse fishing and Size 3/0 with jighead weights of 7 grams and 10 grams. Size 2 jighead is an excellent choice for finesse Peacock Bass fishing or Sagai ‘Aji’ing with Storm Gomoku Soft micro soft plastics.

VMC7150XJ Barbarian X Jighead 2.5g 3.5g 7g 10g

VMC 7312WJ Mystic Predator Weedless Jighead

The 7312WJ Mystic Predator weedless jighead is perfect for fishing soft plastics such as the 3.5″ and 4.5″ Trigger X Slop Hopper or Storm’s 4″ So-Run Hypno Grub and Makan Minnow over weedy areas or heavy cover. The worm hook features an extra wide gap for better hookups and slightly elongated point to prevent fish from throwing the hook. The hi-carbon steel wire is also forged for extra strength to handle big fish. The 7312WJ comes in hook size 3/0 and available in jighead weights of 7 grams, 10 grams and 15 grams.

VMC7312WJ Weedless Jighead 7g 10g 15g

Both jighead models feature VMC’s premium Needle Sharp point, a super sharp point that’s the result of a unique point-grinding process and then further chemically sharpened for superb needle-sharp penetration. They are also coated with Tin finishing for greater saltwater corrosion resistance.

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Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers

For 2017 Rapala introduces a completely new range of tools for anglers. The Rapala Custom Design Series tools and accessories feature modern innovations and contemporary designs that lift angler’s tools to a totally new level. Features like the patent pending, Rapala Mag Spring have not been seen on any tool before. Clean looks and well thought-out functionality raise the bar on how angler’s tools are made.

Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers

The flagship of the new Rapala Custom Design Series is the RCD Mag Spring Pliers (RCDMP6).

The pliers are built with two internal opposing magnets to hold the pliers open, and there are no springs that could rust, break or lose their elasticity over time. The patent pending Mag Spring offers smooth, one hand operation and will not fail even in the harshest of conditions and extended use.

The durable steel jaws with gun metal finish have serrated tips for secure grip. The pliers have custom-designed, ergonomic, co-moulded Soft Grip handles for comfortable hold.

Rapala RCD Mini Clipper

The RCD Mini Clipper (RCDMC) features sharp, ground jaws that cut monofilament and most braided lines with ease. Built from durable stainless steel, the RCD Mini Clipper features an ergonomic, curved design for easy use. Built-in bottle opener at the tail end of the tool adds a recreational function.

Rapala RCD Magnetic Release

The RCD Magnetic Release (RDCDMR) is a powerful magnetic release tool with a carabiner clip. Ideal for hanging nets and other tools and accessories to fishing jackets, bags or vests. Break-away magnets allow easy one-hand operation, releasing the hung tool with one pull. The magnets also make the re-attaching quick and easy.

Rapala Fish Ruler RFR120

The Rapala Fisherman’s Ruler (RFR120) stretches 120cm long and is the perfect tool to measure your catch on the go. Folds neatly and weighted at both ends to keep the ruler straight. Easy to clean and store when not in use.

The whole Rapala Custom Design Series follows suit with comfortable, user-friendly yet edgy design and well thought-out functionality.

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The Storm SX-Soft VIB is now available in a smaller 58mm (14g) size! It still retains all the great features of the 70mm and 90mm versions – long casting, low-memory internal wire and the unbelievable fish-catching action that fish just love. Storm Southeast Asia Pro Staff Nigel Hagley explains some tips on how to use the new 58mm SX-Soft VIB at D’Best Pasir Ris Pond.


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In keeping with the evolution of slow-style jigging in South East Asia, Storm has launched the new Gomoku Slo4 Evolution slow jigging rods that are built especially for South East Asian slow jigging styles.

Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod

The new Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution slow jigging rods are made with Mitsubishi Rayon prepreg, the Slo4 Evolution’s graphite blank features a super responsive tip that is very sensitive yet providing optimal recoil when working slow-style jigs and yet offering a very strong butt section for serious fish lifting power when needed.

The Slo4 Evolution has a standard length of 6’3” and is available in 3 PE ratings for different purposes:

Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod PE1

Slo4 Evolution PE 1 – Model SFV631-1

This rod is designed for light slow jigging game with jigs from 40 to 100 grams in depths of 20 to 60m. Ideal for Ebek, Jemuduk, Golden Trevally, Small Grouper and Snappers. Comes equipped with Fuji SiC K-guides and Fuji TCS reel seat that is suitable for smaller baitcast reels.

Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod PE2

Slo4 Evolution PE 2 – Model SFV631-2

This rod is an all-round, slow jigging game spec rod that is ideal for working jigs from 80 to 200 grams in depths of up to approximately 80m of water. Ideal for Groupers, Snappers and other demersal and pelagic species. Comes equipped with Fuji SiC K-guides and Fuji T-DPS reel seat that is suitable for larger baitcast reels.

Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod PE3

Slo4 Evolution PE 3 – Model SFV631-3

This rod is designed for working jigs up to 300 grams and yet has the ability to handle large fish from deep water. Ideal for big Groupers, Snappers, GT, Amberjack and other large demersal and pelagic species. Comes equipped with Fuji SiC K-guides and Fuji T-DPS reel seat that is suitable for larger baitcast reels.


Model Power Rating Length Jig Weight Piece
SFV631-1 PE 1 6’3″ Max 100g 1 pc
SFV631-2 PE 2 6’3″ Max 200g 1 pc
SFV631-3 PE 3 6’3″ Max 300g 1 pc


Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod

Fred Goh putting the Slo4 Evolution PE3 to work.

Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution Slow Jigging Rod

10kg Grouper landed with ease on the Slo4 Evolution PE3


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