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Tame big fish with confidence. Whether its large Toman in snaggy terrain or big Black Bass near structure and cover, the new Rapala Risto rod will take them on. Sensitivity is uncompromised with a regular taper on a 40-ton graphite blank. An ideal choice for crank and roll applications, from crankbaits to spinnerbaits.

  • 40-ton graphite blank
  • Fuji SiC Guides
  • Rubberized Fuji TVS (spinning) & Fuji PTS (casting) reel seats
  • Risto Rapala Signature and custom emblem

Rapala Risto

Rapala Risto: Rubberized Fuji TVS (spinning) & Fuji PTS (casting) reel seats     Risto Rapala Signature     Risto Rapala Emblem

Rapala Risto: Featuring Fuji SiC guides     Risto: Featuring 40-ton graphite blank

Model Length Lure Weight Line Rating Piece Type
RSC661MR 6’6″ 1/8 – 3/4oz 6-16lb 1 Casting
RSC662MR 6’6″ 1/8 – 3/4oz 6-16lb 2 Casting
RSC661MHR 6’6″ 1/4 – 1oz 8-20lb 1 Casting
RSC662MHR 6’6″ 1/4 – 1oz 8-20lb 2 Casting
RSS662MR 6’6″ 1/8 – 3/4oz 6-16lb 2 Spinning
RSS662MHR 6’6″ 1/4 – 1oz 8-20lb 2 Spinning

Storm Adventure

Storm Southeast Asia announces the arrival of the Storm Adventure, a new lure-casting rod priced aggressively to bring the joy of lure fishing to more anglers. Equipped with genuine Fuji reel seat and complete Fuji guide set, the Storm Adventure is absolutely value for money with a price tag that’s way less than you’d imagine! The Storm Adventure comes in a range of different tapers, from regular fast to extra fast and in both spinning and casting models.


Model Length Piece Lure Weight Line Rating Action Type
AVC662ULF 6’6″ 2 pc 1/8 – 1/4oz 2-6lb Fast Casting
AVC662LX 6’6″ 2 pc 3/16 – 3/8oz 4-10lb Extra Fast Casting
AVC662MLX 6’6″ 2 pc 3/16 – 1/2oz 6-12lb Extra Fast Casting
AVC662MF 6’6″ 2 pc 1/4 – 3/4oz 8-17lb Regular Fast Casting
AVC662MH 6’6″ 2 pc 1/4 – 1oz 10-20lb Fast Casting
AVS662ULF 6’6″ 2 pc 1/8 – 1/4oz 2-6lb Fast Spinning
AVS662LX 6’6″ 2 pc 3/16 – 3/8oz 4-10lb Extra Fast Spinning
AVS662MLX 6’6″ 2 pc 3/16 – 1/2oz 6-12lb Extra Fast Spinning
AVS702MF 7’0″ 2 pc 3/16 – 3/4oz 6-16lb Fast Spinning
AVS702MHF 7’0″ 2 pc 1/4 – 1oz 8-20lb Fast Spinning
AVS662MHF 6’6″ 2 pc 1/4 – 1oz 10-20lb Fast Spinning


The long-awaited slow-jigging rod from Storm has finally arrived. The new Gomoku Adajo is designed to work slow-style jigs easily with each pitch or crank. The Gomoku Adajo is built on a 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank with a slow taper for optimal recoil when working slow jigs up to 300 grams (PE3 model). Jigging upstrokes are less taxing on the angler and the optimal recoil allows for a greater tension ‘free-fall’ on the drop to bring out the slow jig’s optimal fluttering action.

Storm Adajo

Storm Gomoku Adajo

The Adajo features 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Fuji T-DPS reel seat

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Optimal recoil for slow jigs

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Fuji Alconite Guides


Model Power Rating Length Jig Weight Piece
AJC631-1 PE 1 6’3″ Max 100g 1 pc
AJC631-2 PE 2 6’3″ Max 200g 1 pc
AJC631-3 PE 3 6’3″ Max 300g 1 pc


When the Storm Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5 jigging rod was launched back in 2012, it created a brand new craze among light jiggers for whippy rods with white blanks and colourful EVA grips. Fast forward four years ahead and Storm Southeast Asia brings us a brand new Gomoku Erito jigging rod.

STORM GOMOKU 2015 ERITO BESPOKE LIMITED EDITIONMore than just a well-deserved facelift, the new Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition jigging rod is actually a different rod altogether from its predecessor. This lightweight jigstick features Fuji SiC guides, compared to Fuji Alconite on the previous version, for better heat dissipation and Fuji VSS (spinning) and TCS (baitcast) reel seats. But the main difference between the two Eritos lies in the blank.

The 2015 Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition (sometimes also called the ‘Black Erito’ for obvious reasons) features a 40-ton graphite blank that is lighter, stronger and has a better recoil compared to the previous generation Gomoku Erito. The sensitive, yet powerful blank amplifies every vibration from jig to strike.

DSC_1526 copy

Despite its slim looks, the ‘Black Erito’ is able to quickly subdue medium to large fish without much effort. We’d actually rate it a notch stronger than the previous Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5. We reckon it’s best to ease off the drag a little when you’re fighting fish with fragile mouth cavities to prevent hooks being pulled or lips torn.

Will the new 6ft Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited PE1.5 replace the ‘White Erito’ in the Storm Gomoku jigging rod line up? We don’t think so. For fans of whippy tips and contrasty rod bends, the ‘White Erito’ will continue to please, while for folks who prefer a sleeker, more powerful and ‘macho-looking’, black coloured rod, the Erito Bespoke Limited will deliver. Available  in both spinning and baitcasting versions.

Model: ERS601MR (Spin) / ERC601MR (Cast)
Length: 6’0″
Line Rating: Max PE1.5
Max Jig Weight: 100g


The tagline says it all – “Heavy Cover and Big Bait Weapon”.

The new Storm Monstar rods are designed primarily for quickly overwhelming big fish. An extremely lightweight yet responsive blank reinforced with Magnum+ Construction technology wrap on the butt section gives this rod plenty of stopping power. Each rod features Fuji Alconite guides and large, lightweight, hi-density EVA grips for better comfort and added leverage when battling monster fish.

Storm Monstar
Storm Monstar Fuji K Guide   Storm Monstar Fuji K Guide
Storm Monstar features Fuji Alconite K-Guides
Storm Monstar EVA Grip   Storm Monstar Fuji Reel Seat
Large, lightweight hi-density EVA fore-grips (you’ll need this when battling large fish!) and Fuji reel seats (TCS / DPS) 
Storm Monstar Magnum ConstructionThe business end of the Storm Monstar – Magnum+ Construction technology wrap on butt section to give the rod gut-busting, muscle-wrenching, monster-stopping power

There are altogether 5 models in the Storm Monstar series for a wide range of applications:


Length: 6’2”  •  Lure Weight: 10-50g   •  Line Rating: PE 1-3  •  Piece: 1pc
Rod Weight: 160g  •  Casting Type

Ideal for short quarter casting and quickly wrestling big fish out from heavy cover.
Species: Giant Snakehead, Borneo & PNG Black Bass, Big Impoundment Barramundi, Grouper


Length: 6’10”  •  Lure Weight: 10-60g   •  Line Rating: PE 1-3  •  Piece: 2pc Butt Joint
Rod Weight: 173g (casting) / 183g (spinning)  •  Spinning / Casting Type

Ideal for long-distance casting and wider lure coverage, yet still retaining the ability to stop big fish from heading for cover. Recommended for casting heavy sinking minnows and pencils for saltwater predators and topwater hollow-bait lures for heavy cover applications. Two piece, butt-joint configuration for easy storage and mobility.
Species: Big Giant Snakehead, Borneo & PNG Black Bass, Big Impoundment Barramundi, Grouper, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Queenfish


Length: 7’6”  •  Lure Weight: 10-60g  •   Line Rating: PE 1-3  •  Piece: 2pc Butt Joint
Rod Weight: 197g   •  Spinning Type

Casts and works pencils, heavy sinking minnows, metal slices and topwater hollow-bait lures with ease. Ideal for land-based Giant Snakehead casting or blue-water lure casting where much wider lure coverage is required. Two piece, butt-joint configuration for easy storage and mobility.
Species: Tuna, Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia, Queenfish, Small GT


Length: 7’6”  •   Lure Weight: 15-90g   •   Line Rating: PE 2-4  •  Piece: 2pc Butt Joint
Rod Weight: 198g   •   Spinning Type

Ideal for light popping, working pencils and sinking stickbaits for medium-sized pelagics. Recommended for chasing Rompin Sailfish or Pulau Jarak GTs. Two piece, butt-joint configuration for easy storage and mobility.
Species: Tuna, Big Spanish Mackerel, Big Barracuda, Large Queenfish, Cobia, mid-sized GTs

*Note: rod weights may vary from those published above.




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The Storm Shore-X is designed as a versatile shore-casting instrument for the land-based angler. The extra-fast taper of the Shore-X is perfect for punching out lures, flicking micro jigs and even working squid jigs (Egi) while the cross carbon wrap on the butt section offers some decent stopping power should a larger fish come by. The Shore-X is equipped with Fuji KR Concept micro guides to keep the rod lightweight while maximizing the performance of the rod blank. Whether its fishing off the rocks, shorelines, jetties or even commercial barramundi ponds, the Storm Shore-X gets you closer to where the fish are from shore.


SXS802ML 8’0″ 2-pc PE 0.4 – 1.2 3 – 15g Extra Fast Spinning
SXS862MH 8’6″ 2-pc PE 0.8 – 2.0 7 – 30g Extra Fast Spinning


Storm Shore-X


Integrating only the finest components such as Fuji’s revolutionary KR guides, VSS and ECS reel seats into ultra-high modulus 40-ton graphite blanks, the Rapala Finesse Series (RFS) rods perform as great as they look. The Rapala Finesse Series are three super finesse rods: 2 baitcasting models and 1 spinning model, each with different length and line ratings.

RFS-Rapala Finesse Series

The only spinning rod in the series, the Elegance is able to propel super lightweight lures with ease thanks to an extra fast and light taper.
Model: RFSS682XL
Type: Spinning
Length: 6’8″
Lure Weight: 1/64-1/4oz
Line: 2-6lb
Sections: 2-piece
Action: Extra Fast

The Zephyr is a general-purpose finesse rod that also features an extra fast and light taper, yet having that extra reserve to tackle the unexpected biggie that comes along.
Model: RFSC642UL
Type: Casting
Length: 6’4″
Lure Weight: 1/16-1/4oz
Line: 3-10lb
Sections: 2-piece
Action: Extra Fast

Your ticket to the ultimate finesse experience.
Model: RFSC632XL
Type: Casting
Length: 6’3″
Lure Weight: 1/32-3/16oz
Line: 2-5lb
Sections: 2-piece
Action: Extra Fast

Lightweight, sensitive and elegant. The Rapala Finesse Series will bring you to an all-new level of finesse fishing.

RFS-Rapala Finesse SeriesFeaturing Fuji KR Concept guides

RFS-Rapala Finesse SeriesFuji ECS reel seats for the Zephyr and Micrology (baitcast) and VSS reel seat for the Elegance (spin)

RFS-Rapala Finesse SeriesEvery Rapala Finesse Series rod bears the Rapala RFS emblem.

RFS-Rapala Finesse SeriesRFS Line up: Zephyr (3-10lb, Baitcast), Elegance (2-6lb, Spin) and the Micrology (2-5lb, Baitcast)

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Storm Trickster

After the debut of the entry-level Storm Discovery earlier this year, Storm Southeast Asia yet again introduces a new lure casting rod in August that sits one class above the Discovery. The Storm Trickster is primarily designed for aggressive fishing – extra fast taper for quick, accurate casts and a very strong butt section to wrestle fish out of snaggy terrain. Perfect for big Toman and Mangrove Jacks.

Storm Trickster

The Storm Trickster features hybrid micro guides that sit very close to the rod blank to optimize blank performance as well as minimize twisting torque. Ultra hard EVA grips transmit vibrations more effectively, increasing sensitivity. Ergonomically designed reel seats ensure comfortable palming and facilitate easy casting all day without fatigue.

Looking for a great performance rod at a truly affordable price? Check out the Storm Trickster at your local Rapala or Storm dealer. Available in both spinning and casting versions. Be sure to watch the video below too!


TRS612L6'1"2-pc4-10lb3/16 - 1/2 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC612L6'1"2-pc4-10lb3/16 - 1/2 ozExtra FastCasting
TRS612M6'1"2-pc6-14lb1/4 - 5/8 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC612M6'1"2-pc6-14lb1/4 - 5/8 ozExtra FastCasting
TRS622MH6'2"2-pc8-20lb1/4 - 3/4 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC662MH6'2"2-pc8-20lb1/4 - 3/4 ozExtra FastCasting
TRS611L6'1"1-pc4 - 10lb3/16 - 1/2 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC611L6'1"1-pc4 - 10lb3/16 - 1/2 ozExtra FastCasting
TRS611M6'1"1-pc6 - 14lb1/4 - 5/8 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC611M6'1"1-pc6 - 14lb1/4 - 5/8 ozExtra FastCasting
TRS621MH6'2"1-pc8 -20lb1/4 - 3/4 ozExtra FastSpinning
TRC621MH6'2"1-pc8 - 20lb1/4 - 3/4 ozExtra FastCasting