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Daiwa 2013 Certate

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We had our first glimpse of the new Daiwa 2013 Certate at this year’s Osaka Fishing Show in February. After months of waiting, we finally got our hands on a 2500-sized Daiwa 2013 Certate.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The new 2013 Certate 2500 model.

First Impressions
Without looking at the specification or tech data sheet, the new Certate 2013 doesn’t look much different from the 2010 model apart from a more aggressive-looking spool. While the 2010 Certate had a sleek, futuristic-looking spool (‘Robocop’ comes to mind…), the new Certate sports some ‘claw-slash’ patterned porting with the high speed models (e.g. 2004CH, 2506H, 2510PE-H, 3012H) having a darker-toned spool. The body colour of the new Certate is a metallic-grey colour compared to its predecessor which has a dark navy-blue-ish tint.

Key Differences
Cosmetics aside, the new Certate now boasts a mag-sealed line roller in addition to the mag-sealed drive shaft which first appeared in the 2010 Certate. Placing a mag-seal at the line roller makes sense as that’s the next obvious location prone to salt build-up apart from the drive shaft, which leads to roller bearing corrosion.

The new Certate features a newly designed Zaion Air Rotor. Daiwa’s arched rotor design disperses pressure to the entire lower section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing that is normally seen in older rotor designs. According to Daiwa, Zaion material transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently and is lighter than a conventional rotor made from the same material. By hollowing out the rotor system Daiwa has created a lighter component with more surface area. This increases strength and better transmits vibration, allowing greater sensitivity. The hollowed out design also serves to enable better airflow through the entire rotor system to prevent foreign material such as water, salt, sand and dust collecting while eliminating moisture build-up that can cause corrosion issues. The original Air Rotor design is further refined in the new Certate’s Zaion Air Rotor to shed off more weight compared to its predecessor.

The new Certate also now features machined-cut 7075 aluminium Digigear II gearing for tough, durable yet smooth gear meshing. Smooth operation of the new Certate is further enhanced with 10 + 1 bearings vs. the previous generation Certate which has 9+1 bearings.

Daiwa Certate 2013

Mag-sealed to protect the reels internals from dust or corrosive saltwater intrusion, yet eliminating friction and allowing free, unobstructed and smooth rotor movement.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The new 2013 Certate’s line roller is now mag-sealed too.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The Zaion Air Rotor on the new 2013 Certate.

Daiwa Certate 2013

Side view profile.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The Air Rotor design facilitates better airflow through the entire rotor system compared to conventional rotor designs.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The engine plate also gets a slight facelift from the ’10 Certate.

Daiwa Certate 2013

Probably the most obvious difference is the aggressive styling on the spool.

Daiwa Certate 2013

The 2013 Certate 2500 loaded with Sufix 832 Advanced Superline 10lb and paired with
Storm Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5 for light jigging. The fish are in trouble!

New Daiwa Certate 2013

Fred Goh displays a Spanish Mackerel subdued with the new 2013 Certate.


Model Weight(g) Retrieval (cm/crank) Ratio Drag(kg) Line Cap.(lb/m) Bearings
1003 200 60 4.8 2 0.3-120, 0.4-100 10/1
2004CH 205 75 5.6 2 0.4-120, 0.6-100 10/1
2004 220 64 4.8 2 0.4-120, 0.6-100 10/1
2500 235 72 4.8 7 1.5-200 10/1
2506H 240 90 6.0 3 0.8-130, 1-100 10/1
2508PE 240 72 4.8 7 0.8-150, 1-120 10/1
2510PE-H 240 90 6.0 7 1-200, 1.5-150 10/1
2510R-PE 245 72 4.8 7 1-200, 1.5-150 10/1
3012 270 81 4.8 7 1.5-200 10/1
3012H 275 95 5.6 7 1.5-200 10/1
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