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NEW Daiwa 2015 Saltiga & Exist

More photos of new Daiwa products at the 2015 Japan Fishing Show (Yokohama)! Today we have a look at two flagship spinning models – the 2015 Daiwa Exist and Saltiga.


2015 Daiwa Saltiga

More than just a facelift, the new 2015 Saltiga saltwater spinning reels feature Daiwa’s proprietary mag-sealed ball-bearings on the line roller and both sides of the handle shaft in addition to a mag-sealed rotating shaft. This effectively prevents corrosive saltwater intrusion into critical parts of the reel. Another key feature of the new Saltiga spinner is the “Automatic Tournament Drag” or ATD in short. Daiwa’s ATD uses a new proprietary grease that enables the reel to apply smooth and consistent start up drag pressure right from the start. For example, if the reel’s drag pressure is set to 7kg, there is very little variation in the initial start up drag to achieve a consistent 7kg drag pressure compared to the previous generation UTD drag system. Check out the new Saltiga page for reel specifications.

2015 DAIWA SALTIGAShown here is the 2015 Saltiga 6500H

2015 DAIWA SALTIGAThe new Saltiga’s spool features a series of vertical slits.

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA ATD - Automatic Drag SystemApart from the mag-sealed ball bearings on the handle shaft, the new Saltiga features the newly-developed ‘automatic drag system’ (ATD)

2015 Daiwa Exist

The new Exist also gets a notable facelift and similar to the Saltiga, feature mag-sealed ball-bearings on the line roller and both sides of the handle shaft in addition to a mag-sealed rotating shaft. Likewise, it also features the same automatic drag system (ATD), which is especially useful when fishing with very light line where smooth and consistent drags are critical. It is notable that certain models of the new Exist feature skeletal knobs, I-knobs, EVA power knobs and T-knobs according to their respective sizes and recommended applications. Check out the new Exist page for reel specifications.

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2015 Daiwa Exist

2015 Daiwa Exist ATD

Erratum: We previously mentioned in this post that Daiwa’s ATD uses a new drag washer material and a new grease. We have since learnt that this is incorrect. Daiwa’s ATD drag features a new proprietary grease on Daiwa’s standard drag washers. 

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