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Daiwa Kohga

Daiwa Kohga series of reels and rods were designed specifically with the Japanese Sea Bream (‘Tai’) in mind. Though Daiwa has used existing reel platforms for the Kohga series, each of these reels have been tweaked with slightly different specifications to suit the light tackle ‘Tai Rubber’ (Kabura-style) or ‘Tai Tenya’ (jighead/bait combo) fishing methods that are commonly used by Japanese anglers to catch Sea Bream. To cater to these Sea Bream anglers, Daiwa Kohga reels are designed with gear ratios between 5.6 to 6.0, an ideal ratio for working the bottom with Tai Rubber or Tenya rigs. This gear ratio is a good balance between speed and power to work the jigs and crank up big fish should the need arise. ‘Tai’ are not line burners, so it’s not necessary to have a lot of line loaded into the reel, hence the ‘shallower-than-standard’ spools in the Kohga line-up. That said, these spools are by no means small in line capacity as they are capable of holding at least 200m of PE#0.8!

For South East Asian applications, two Kohga reels have their place for micro jigging and micro ‘slow-style’ jigging game.

The Kohga 2508PE-H is built on the 2013 Daiwa Certate platform. At one glance, it does look like a ’13 Certate 2508PE with a pinkish facelift but there are some key differences between the Kohga and Certate.

Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-HDaiwa Kohga 2508PE-H (H denotes high-speed or high-gear spec)

The most obvious difference besides the cosmetics is the medium EVA power knob that comes standard with the Kohga. This inclusion is definitely good for jigging, offering more power and ergonomics than the T-shape knob found on the Certate. The Kohga 2508PE-H has a higher gear ratio of 6.0, winding 90cms of line per handle rotation compared to the Certate 2508PE’s gear ratio of 4.8 (winding 72cms per handle rotation). The Kohga also has a slightly larger line capacity, holding 200m of PE#0.8 compared to only 150m of PE#0.8 on the Certate 2508PE. As ‘Tai’ jigging requires the use of very light line, a very smooth and responsive drag is imperative. Daiwa makes this possible on the Kohga 2508PE-H by utilizing felt drag washers and adding an additional spool bearing on the main shaft. This is one of the main differences between the Kohga 2508PE-H and the Certate 2508PE.


Model Line Retrieval (cm) Gear Ratio Weight (g) Drag (kg) Line Cap (PE#-m) Bearings
2508PE-H 90 6.0 245 7 0.8-200 1-140 11/1

Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-HMade in Japan

Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-HThe ‘bear claw’ porting on the Certate’s spool is also featured on the Kohga 2508PE-H

For micro-jigging applications in 30-40m depths, 200m of PE#0.8 is more than sufficient to handle small to medium Trevally species and similar sized demersal fish. The drag is capable of dishing out 7kg of drag pressure, which is also plenty for a reel this size.

Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-HMag-sealed for protection against corrosive saltwater intrusion through the main shaft

Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-HThe line roller is also mag-sealed

Daiwa Kohga dragThe secret of the Kohga’s smooth drag performance? Felt drags washers!

Daiwa Kohga spool bearingBesides featuring felt drag washers for smooth start-up drag performance, the Daiwa Kohga 2508PE-H features a spool bearing, which is absent in the Certate.

KOHGA 100/100L
For baitcast lovers, there’s the Kohga 100/100L. The Kohga 100/100L is built upon the Daiwa Alphas platform, minus the Magforce cast control mechanism. There is good reason to use the Alphas platform, given its compact size that fits comfortably in the hand. A rigid, super metal frame is fitted with Daiwa’s lightweight Zaion side plate. Daiwa also fitted the Kohga 100/100L with a 90mm swept handle with double power EVA light (S) knobs for more cranking power. The ability to free-spool with the least amount of resistance is an advantage especially when dropping very light jigs and the Kohga 100/100L achieves this with Daiwa’s ‘free-floating spool’ technology whereby the entire spool is disengaged from the pinion gear, allowing it to spin freely.

Similar to the Kohga 2508PE-H, the notable feature of the Kohga 100/100L is the super smooth drag. When fishing with very light line, it is important to have low drag startup inertia and the Kohga’s drag doesn’t disappoint. Another interesting feature is the synchronized level wind of the Kohga 100/100L which moves with the line as it leaves the spool under drag.

Daiwa Kohga 100Featured here is the Daiwa Kohga 100L

Daiwa Kohga 100The Kohga largely keeps the classic Alphas identity

Daiwa Kohga 10090mm swept handles

Daiwa Kohga 100Double power EVA light (S) knobs are standard

Daiwa Kohga 100Although at first glance the line capacity looks rather limited, the Kohga 100/100L actually packs 250m of PE#0.8 line or 200m of PE#1 line

Daiwa Kohga 100In place of the Magforce cast control dial, the Kohga 100/100L has a side plate lock nut

Daiwa Kohga 100Simple yet practical innards

Daiwa Kohga GomokuPerfect for micro jigging in our local waters


Model Retrieve Line Retrieval (cm) Gear Ratio Weight (g) Drag (kg) Line Cap. (lb/m) Line Cap (PE#-m) Bearings
100 RIGHT 60 5.8 170 4 2-125 0.8-250 1-200 6/1
100L LEFT 60 5.8 170 4 2-125 0.8-250 1-200 6/1
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