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OSAKA SHOW 2014: DAIWA 2014 Products Showcase

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It’s the time of the year again when new products from various Japanese manufacturers take centre stage at the annual Osaka Fishing Show. For Daiwa, 2014 seems to be the year of ‘Steez’ism. Following the successful launch of Daiwa Steez SV last year, Daiwa now offers its flagship baitcaster in several variants.

The Daiwa Steez Limited SV TN (Toshinari Namiki) edition is one sporty-looking Steez with the aggresive red cosmetics and 80mm carbon swept handle. Weighing only 148 grams, this special edition Steez with a gear ratio of 6.3:1 features a G1 duralumin SV spool with air brake system, a larger diameter drive gear that the previous generation Steez baitcaster and paddle knobs bearing bass pro T.Namiki’s signature motto ‘Bass or Die‘.

Steez 103HL TN_front

Daiwa Steez Limited SV TN (Toshinari Namiki edition) – 103H TN / 103HL TN

Steez 103HL TN_side

Does it look Spider Man-ish or Superman-ish?

Steez 103HL TN

As with all Steez baitcasters, the SV TN sits very comfortably in one’s palms.

Steez LTD 105XH_hero

The next variant of the Daiwa Steez is the LTD SV 105XH / 105XHL.

Steez LTD 105XH_hero

The Steez LTD SV 105XH (160g) boasts a sexy chrome finish, multiple portings on the frame, the standard Steez star drag and a 90mm skeletal swept handle. It also features a blazing gear ratio of 8.1, pulling in 86cms of line per turn.

Steez SS AIR 8.1L line up

But wait, there’s more! Daiwa springs another surprise for 2014 in the form of the SS Air, a finesse baitcasting reel with a colour scheme similar to the Daiwa T3 Air. The SS Air also makes use of the Steez platform but shaves off plenty of meat to bring down its total weight to a mere 145 grams! The speed? A super hi-speed gear ratio of 8.1 that grabs 81 cms of line per turn. The business end of this finesse machine is an ultra lightweight ported G1 duralumin spool weighing 6.9grams.

Steez SS AIR 8.1L

Daiwa SS Air 8.1R / 8.1L

Steez SS AIR side

A closer look at the Zaion star drag and 80mm skeletal swept handle.

Steez SS AIR magforce

There are 20 micro adjustment levels available in increments of 0.5 (OFF to 10) to suit different weights and situations.


Not forgetting the skeletal paddle knob as seen on the Daiwa T3 Air and Daiwa Aegis.

Steez SS SV_side

But wait! There’s still more! Daiwa also introduces an ‘affordable’ Steez platform baitcaster for 2014 in the form of the SS SV. Available in 3 gear ratios (5.3, 6.3 and 7.1) and corresponding accents, the SS SV features Air Metal frame and Zaion sideplate and ultra duralumin SV spool to bring its total weight down to 150 grams. With a MSRP of ¥‎38,900 (approx. S$483), the SS SV is now within closer reach of anglers longing for a Steez without all its souped-up bells and whistles.

Steez SS SV

No surprises on the Steez platform’s ergonomics.

Steez SS SV_price

No fuss, no muss – Daiwa SS SV 103SH (7.1:1 gear ratio)

Tatula Japan hero

Imagine our surprise and excitement when we discovered on the Daiwa Japan website that a JDM version of the well-acclaimed Daiwa Tatula was coming in 2014. Today, we had our first glimpse of the JDM Tatula.

Tatula Japan

Tatula (JDM) line up!

Tatula Japan

The JDM version of the Daiwa Tatula mirrors its US counterpart except for a lightweight, 103-sized ultra-duralumin spool, 80mm skeletal swept handle and standard Daiwa I shape knobs.

Tatula Japan_side

Daiwa Tatula side profile

Tatula Japan Knob

The standard Daiwa I shape knob

magsealed ballbearing

For 2014, Daiwa introduces another evolution of Mag Seal – Mag Sealed Ball Bearings.

magsealed ballbearing schema

Ball bearings are perhaps one of the first few components to succumb to dirt particles or corrosion in a fishing reel after prolonged use in saltwater. Using the same ferrofluid technology (Mag Seal) for creating a waterproof seal with magnetized oil in place of conventional O rings, Daiwa seals its ball bearings with Mag Seal, making them dustproof and waterproof, thus prolonging the lifespan (and smoothness) of the bearings.

magsealed ballbearing open

A Mag Sealed bearing with magnets removed, showing the ball bearings inside in excellent condition despite the outer part of the bearing showing signs of corrosion after prolonged exposure to saltwater.

magsealed ballbearing daiwa

Daiwa’s latest Mag Sealed Ball Bearings are slightly larger than conventional bearings.

Saltiga Expedition 5500 8000 magsealed ball bearing

Daiwa’s latest Mag Sealed Ball Bearings are found on the new 2014 reels such as the Saltiga Expedition 5500H / 8000H, Ryoga Bay Jigging 1012PE-H / C2025PE-SH, Morethan 2510PE-H (SH LBD) / 2510R-PE / 3012H and Seaborg 300J.

Saltiga Expedition 5500

The new Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 5500H

Saltiga Expedition 8000

Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000H

Ryoga 1016 PE Bay Jigging

Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C1012PE-H

Ryoga 1016 PE Bay Jigging side

Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C1012PE-H alternate view

ryoga C2025 PE

Daiwa Ryoga Bay Jigging C2025PE-SHL

Morethan Branzino 2510R PE

Daiwa Morethan 2510PE-H

Morethan Branzino 3012H

Daiwa Morethan 3012-H

caldia 3520PE-H

The Daiwa Caldia also gets a facelift for 2014. Like its predecessor, it is also Mag-sealed. Shown here is the Caldia 3520PE-H with a standard round EVA L power knob.

caldia 2508H

The Daiwa Caldia 2508H

caldia 4000

Daiwa Caldia 4000 with T knob.

KOHGA spinning

Daiwa also introduces KOHGA range of reels for 2014, designed specifically for slow jigging Red Snapper or Bream. Shown here is KOHGA 2508PE-H (Mag-sealed).

KOHGA baitcast hero

KOHGA 100 low-profile baitcast reel.

KOHGA baitcast

Side view of KOHGA 100


No magnetic or centrifugal braking to allow more free rotation of the spool



And of course, KOHGA series would not be complete if not complemented with KOHGA MX rods

Catalina 4000H side

The Daiwa Catalina also gets a new model added to its existing line up – the 4000H

Catalina 4000H

Daiwa Catalina 4000H

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