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Daiwa Steez SV

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Daiwa’s flagship baitcaster gets a facelift – and a new “stress-free” ultra-lightweight G1 duralumin SV spool that allows casting a wide range of lure weights. First unveiled at the 2013 Osaka Show, the Steez SV maintains the traditional Steez platform, yet differs from its predecessors with some new features:

  • New Air Brake cast control system incorporating the all-new SV shallow spool.
  • Zaion Star Drag.
  • 80mm Skeletal Swept Handle.
  • Sun-burnt Orange Decorative Accents.

Daiwa seems to be training its guns on the finesse bass market by introducing the T3 Air ultra-finesse baitcaster last year and following up this year with the SV series for T3 and Steez respectively. However, Daiwa’s Stress-free Versatile (SV) concept goes beyond finesse applications. In an ideal world, a “versatile” baitcaster should be able to cast both ultra-light and heavy lures but in reality, there aren’t many reels out there that quite fit the versatility bill. Casting very light lures requires a lightweight spool and very often this means sacrificing spool strength. Elastic compression memory of fluorocarbon or mono lines can actually deform a spool made of lightweight material. This is where the SV spool makes its grand entrance.

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Daiwa’s shallow SV spool is made from G1 Duralumin – an aircraft-grade, lightweight duralumin material. The spool is light enough to cast and pitch ultra-light lures, yet is strong enough to overcome spool deformation issues. According to Daiwa, the SV spool can deal with lure weights from about 3 grams all the way to more than 40 grams! Now that’s versatile!

For ultra-finesse anglers dedicated to casting only super light stuff, the Daiwa T3 Air may be a better option as the super tuned reel is able to handle lures even as light as 2 grams. The Steez SV, designed as a versatile ‘finesse-to-light-tackle’ baitcaster, is more suited for anglers who prefer to do a bit of both finesse work and general lure casting, yet having that extra edge to throw lures close to 3 grams.


Model Handle Weight (g) Line Retrieval Ratio Drag (kg) Line Cap. (lb/m) Bearings
SV6.3R RIGHT 150 66cm 6.3 4 12-40 to 80m, 14-35 to 70m* 11+1
SV6.3LT LEFT 150 66cm 6.3 4 12-40 to 80m, 14-35 to 70m* 11+1


* The SV spool has two line capacities recommended. Filling the spool to half its capacity can allow for greater control when casting light lures whereas for general purpose casting, the spool can be filled to the max.
(e.g. 12lb-40m (finesse work) / 12lb-80m (general casting).


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