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Daiwa T3 Air – Super Tuned Ultra-Finesse

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The introduction of Daiwa’s T3 platform last year saw a revolutionary breakthrough in line control for baitcasting reels. Daiwa’s main objective for the T3 platform is to have a levelwind system that enables free and unimpeded line flow when casting, which theoretically, equates to greater casting distances and performance. Featuring innovations such as Daiwa’s T-Wing system, Magforce 3D and Zaion construction, the T3 quickly became the icon of Daiwa’s relentless pursuit to develop the ultimate lightweight baitcasting reel.

Daiwa T3 Air

Daiwa T3 Air

Riding on the T3’s successful platform is this year’s much anticipated, ultra-finesse Daiwa T3 Air. Co-developed with K.T.F., the super-tuned T3 Air is targeted exclusively at finesse anglers wishing for a lightweight reel that can allow them to pitch and make long distance casts effortlessly with lures as light as 3 to 5g. The T3 Air meets the criteria through several key features:


As seen in the T3 and Ballistic, Daiwa’s T-Wing line guide is a big departure from conventional levelwind designs found on most baitcasters. Traditional levelwind designs somewhat inhibit a reel’s optimal casting performance as line is funnelled through a very narrow opening. Improvements over the years have mostly been in the adoption of newer materials to minimize friction or optimizing the angle of line entry. With the T-Wing design, line is able to exit the reel completely unimpeded through a much larger opening on the upper part of the levelwind.

Daiwa T3 Air T Wing System

When the reel is disengaged for casting, the hood of the reel is lifted up, allowing line to move freely through the enlarged section of the levelwind. Re-engaging the reel flips the hood down, leading the line into the narrower section, which then functions as a conventional levelwind. According to Daiwa’s statistics, the T-Wing design actually improves casting distance by 5.3%.

Daiwa T3 Air T Wing System

Unlike other magnetic cast control systems that rely on the spool inductor spinning into a single, permanent magnetic field, Daiwa’s Magforce 3D enables the inductor to spin into varying magnetic field strengths. Three main braking modes are adjustable from underneath the sideplate:

MAX BRAKE – in this mode the magnets are shifted closest towards the inductor to provide the maximum magnetic field influence to slow the spool’s rotation. Ideal for casting heavier lures.

ALL ROUND –in this mode the inductor enters the magnetic field similar to the previous Daiwa Magforce V and Z systems, providing braking during maximum speed to avoid over-running. As the spool decelerates, the inductor retracts, allowing the spool to spin longer. This mode is suited for general fishing applications.

AIR MODE – The ultimate free spool mode for pitching ultralight lures. Labelled as ‘LONG CAST’ in the T3, the magnets move the furthest distance away from the inductor rotor, limiting the magnetic field and allowing unconstrained spool revolution.

Daiwa T3 Air Mag Force 3D

The 3 main braking modes adjustable from underneath the sideplate…

Daiwa T3 Air Mag Force 3D

… position the magnet either closer or away from the spool inductor, giving varying magnetic field strengths as the spool rotates

Daiwa T3 Air

In addition to the three modes the Magforce 3D system can be further fine-tuned with the cast control dial outside the sideplate. With 20 fine-tune increments in 3 modes Magforce 3D offers 60 brake settings, making it possible to cast or pitch in all conditions and situations.

The business end of this finesse pitching and casting reel lies in the G1 Duralumin Air Spool. The heavily ported, ultralight spool weighs a mere 6.9g (5.6g excluding bearings and inductor) and is made of aircraft-grade ultra duralumin material which is 1.3 times stronger than standard duralumin spools.

Daiwa T3 Air Spool

Combining aluminium with C6191 brass on the outer rim of the main gear results in a lightweight yet durable gear that is 53% lighter than conventional brass gears. The C6191 brass is also the same material used in Daiwa’s Saltiga Hyper Digigear.

The T3 Air’s drag star and skeletal paddle knobs are made from Daiwa’s Zaion material, a strong yet lightweight high-density carbon resin that can transmit vibration through the reel more efficiently, allowing greater sensitivity in lure fishing applications. Sensitivity is further amplified through direct finger contact with the exposed knob shafts.

Daiwa T3 Air Zaion Star Drag

Daiwa T3 Air Skeletal Paddle Knob

Further weight savings are achieved by utilizing high-precision, micro ball bearings with an outer diameter of only 6mm compared to the standard 10mm bearings in conventional baitcasters.

The Daiwa T3 Air reel is truly a super-tuned reel designed exclusively for ultra finesse fishing. As long as the fishing application is centred around its designed purpose, the reel will provide endless finesse fishing fun never before possible in baitcast history.



Model Handle Weight(g) Line Retrieval(cm/crank) Ratio Drag (kg) Line Cap. (lb/m) Bearings
6.8R-TW RIGHT 160 68 6.8 5.0 8-50 11/1
6.8L-TW LEFT 160 68 6.8 5.0 8-50 11/1
8.6R-TW RIGHT 160 86 8.6 5.0 8-50 11/1
8.6L-TW LEFT 160 86 8.6 5.0 8-50 11/1



  • The T3 Air is an ultra-finesse reel meant only for freshwater use.
  • PE, fused or braided line is not recommended as it can cause spool deformation.
  • Do not attempt to free a snagged lure by pulling at it directly with the reel as this can damage the spool.
  • Do not wind in line onto the spool with tension greater than 500g. Elastic compression memory of fluorocarbon or mono lines can cause deformation of the spool.
  • Do not load more than 50m of 8lb line as this can cause deformation of the spool. Ideally, no more than 30m of line from 6-12lb rating should be loaded onto the spool.
  • Usage limits: Ideally lures should not exceed 15g in weight and lines should not exceed 16lb rating.
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