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A series of weekly videos showcasing “Daiwa’s Project T” baitcaster on YouTube finally culminated in the launch of the new Daiwa Tatula baitcasting reel at the 2013 ICAST show in Las Vegas. According to Daiwa, the design concept for Tatula was based on developing a reel that’s smooth, tough and yet durable.

How tough and how powerful is it? Here’s what the Daiwa Tatula offers:

  • Newly-designed flip-up T-Wing system
  • Compact aluminium frame and sideplate (at gear side)
  • Tough, corrosion resistant clutch system
  • Magforce-Z cast control system
  • 8 Bearing system (7BB+1RB)
  • UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag dishing out 6kg of drag pressure
  • A larger gear than the TD Zillion
  • 90mm lightweight skeletal swept handle for greater winding stability and power
  • Oversized power knobs for firmer grip and control
  • 34mm diameter spool at 27mm width for greater line capacity

The Daiwa Tatula comes in two variants – the Tatula 100 and Tatula 100 Type-R. Apart from all the standard features listed above, the Tatula Type-R features:

  • A super lightweight 7075 aluminium spool
  • Helical cut-themed ported frame
  • Zaion material drag star
  • Type-R special cosmetics
  • Weighs 215 grams (compared to Tatula 100 which weighs 225 grams)
  • Available in a super fast 8.1:1 gear ratio, winding in 86cm of line per turn
  • The 8 bearing system includes 2 corrosion resistant bearings (2CRBB + 5BB + 1RB)


Tatula 100 Type-R (left) and the Tatula 100 (right).

The highlight of both Tatula baitcasters will have to be the newly designed flip-up T-Wing System (TWS). Prior to the Tatula’s debut, Daiwa first featured it’s TWS in the T3 family of baitcasters. Traditional levelwind designs somewhat inhibit a reel’s optimal casting performance as line is funnelled through a very narrow opening. With the T-Wing design, line is able to exit the reel completely unimpeded through a much larger opening.

The TWS found on the Tatula is an evolved version, which actually pivots back and forth between the cast and retrieve position when the thumb bar is engaged or disengaged. This is a departure from the T3 platform’s ‘flip-up front plate’ design, as the Tatula’s frame stays intact throughout.

Pressing down the thumb bar flips the TWS line guide forward, revealing the wider section of the T-Wing which allows unimpeded line flow during casting.

Re-engaging the reel handle flips the T-Wing upwards to reveal the narrow part of the T-Wing which functions as the line guide during line retrieval.

Frontal view of the Tatula 100P (gear ratio of 5.4:1).

The new Tatula baitcasters have a wider spool compared to its peers of its size. Besides offering a larger line capacity, the wider spool works together with the T-Wing line guide to allow line to move more freely as it unwinds from the spool.

Back view of the Tatula 100.

The drag star on the Tatula 100 is made of plastic.

The Daiwa Tatula 100 comes in both left and right hand retrieve in 3 gear ratios, each distinguished by the colour of the cast control dials –
Black – Tatula 100P (5.4:1), Gold – Tatula 100H (6.3:1) and Red – Tatula 100HS (7.3:1).

The Daiwa Tatula 100 Type-R sports a more sleek, race car-like look. Easily distinguished at first glance by the metallic red cast control knob, spool and “Type-R” stamp on the top of the frame.

Oh, and did you notice the Helical cut-themed ported frame?

A closer view of the A7075 aluminium spool.

It’s worth mentioning that despite the slightly wider spool, the overall size of the Tatula is actually very close to that of the Zillion.

Oversized paddle knobs, which Daiwa calls the “I-Shape” knob, etched with Daiwa’s “D” logo.

To differentiate from the Tatula 100, the Tatula Type-R features a Zaion drag star.

The Tatula Type R comes in left and right hand retrieves and in 2 gear ratios, each distinguished by the colour of the cast control dials –
Gold – Tatula R100H (6.3:1) and Red – Tatula R100XS (8.1:1).

Sits comfortably in one’s palm.

Relatively low-profile body with a good fit when palmed.




Model Handle Weight(g) Line Retrieval Ratio Drag(kg) Line Cap.(lb/m) Bearings
TATULA-100P RIGHT 225 58cm 5.4 6 14-120, 16-100 7+1
TATULA-100H RIGHT 225 67cm 6.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7+1
TATULA-100HL LEFT 225 67cm 6.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7+1
TATULA-100HS RIGHT 225 77cm 7.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7+1
TATULA-100HSL LEFT 225 77cm 7.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7+1
TATULA-R100H RIGHT 215 67cm 6.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7(2 CRBB)+1
TATULA-R100HL LEFT 215 67cm 6.3 6 14-120, 16-100 7(2 CRBB)+1
TATULA-R100xs RIGHT 215 86cm 8.1 6 14-120, 16-100 7(2 CRBB)+1
TATULA- R100XSL LEFT 215 86cm 8.1 6 14-120, 16-100 7(2 CRBB)+1
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