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Rapala Flat Rap 8cm Seluang (FLR08-SLG)

Flat Rap Seluang FLR08-SLG

5th September 2016 Rapala Southeast Asia announces the arrival of Rapala Flat Rap 8cm SLG or “Seluang” pattern. The “Seluang” is the Malay name for the Rasbora, a common baitfish found throughout Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. Of all the classic, fish-catching balsa wood lures from Rapala, the Flat Rap fits the slender minnow profile of the Seluang perfectly. Beautifully illustrated by Nigel Hagley from Singapore, the Flat Rap Seluang is the result of listening to the voices of Southeast Asian anglers asking for a Rapala lure that resembles a local baitfish. The Flat Rap Seluang (SLG) weighs 7grams, has a body length of 8cm and a swimming depth of 0.6-1.2 metres. Check it out at your nearest Rapala dealer today!

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