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Fuji CONCEPT “O” – Cost Effective Guides Without Compromising Quality

Fuji Concept OIn the world of fishing tackle, Fuji rings and guides are synonymous with rod component innovation and uncompromising quality. Following the introduction of TORZITE, Fuji’s high-end ceramic ring earlier this year comes a full line up of new guides in the form of Concept “O”.

Fuji-SiC-vs-O-ringDeep Pressed Frame
Concept “O” is essentially a range of Fuji’s New Guide Concept frames featuring Fuji’s “Deep Pressed” frame and Improved Hard “O” (Aluminium Oxide) ring, making it truly a cost-effective rod guide without compromising the quality Fuji guides are renowned for. A conventional frame holds the ring only at a single point. Therefore, how secure the ring sits in the frame depends on the thickness of the frame to keep contact pressure. Fuji’s “Deep Pressed” frame design firmly secures the ring inside a thinner but wider frame that ‘wraps’ around the ring.

Fuji Deep-Pressed-FrameNot only does this design protect the entire outside edge of the ring, it provided a full epoxy seal around the ring perimeter due to a greater surface contact area, effectively securing the ring in place. The Deep Pressed design also makes it possible to mount thinner rings to achieve greater weight savings in both frame and ring. Naturally, lighter rod components equate to a lighter and more responsive rod. The Deep Pressed frame was previously only found in more premium Fuji guides. With the new Concept “O” line of guides, Fuji Deep Pressed frames can now be found in more economically-priced rods.

Fuji LYOGNew Fuji LY Single Foot High Frame Guide
With the recent introduction of the new LY guide featuring the Deep Pressed frame, Fuji’s Concept “O” line up is now complete. The new Fuji LYOG guide is a radically improved version of the Y guide. Thanks to a shorter guide foot, the guide is now 5% lighter than the regular Y guide with the same height and strength. A shorter guide foot also reduces any restrictions to rod flex. To ensure the guide doesn’t pop out from the binding, a double arrow-shaped foot with dimpled surface is adopted to give the whipping thread a more secure grip. A small bump on the sole side of the guide reduces that annoying ‘cracking’ sound at the guide when a rod is flexed.

Fuji-Concept-O-Line-UpFuji has established itself through the years that every component bearing the Fuji emblem is assured of the highest quality. By combining the Deep Pressed frame design and improved hard “O” rings in the form of Fuji Concept “O” guides, Fuji brings guides that were once only reserved for more premium rings now within the reach of economically-priced rods, bringing their overall quality up another notch ahead of the competition.

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