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TORZITE – Fuji’s Next Generation Ceramic Ring

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Ever since its introduction in 1981, Fuji’s SiC (Silicon Carbide) ring has become the de facto standard for quality fishing rod guide rings in terms of strength, smoothness and heat dissipation. 32 years on, Fuji once again brings us another ground-breaking product – the TORZITE. Fishonmag.com speaks with Hiroyuki Kuribayashi of Kowa Company Ltd, export agent of Fuji, to learn more about the TORZITE.

Fuji’s latest ceramic ring is made from a high-strength, low-density material that has been rigorously polished to create a slim, lightweight and low-friction ring. TORZITE is the result of much research and development by Fuji engineers with the aim to maximize rod blank and fishing line performance.



According to Fuji, the name “TORZITE” is derived from the geometric term “torus”, describing the unique shape of the toric ring. Mr Hiroyuki explains that with this new material and shape, the TORZITE ring is much thinner and lighter than a SiC ring of the same size, effectively reducing the overall weight of a guide by about 10%. A cross-sectional view of the TORZITE ring shows a greater surface area that allows for a greater dispersion of force under line load as compared to conventional ring designs.


Thanks to its slimmer shape, the TORZITE ring’s inner diameter is approximately 15% larger than a SiC ring of the same size. This means we can downsize guides by one size, translating to significant weight savings of about 20-30% in total guide weight. Downsizing to lighter guides also makes the tip lighter, hence achieving more rod blank sensitivity. To illustrate the differences in diameter between TORZITE and SiC rings, Mr Hiroyuki displays a chart showing the different ring sizes for both materials.


TORZITE’s high-strength ceramic material offers the same level of abrasion resistance and impact strength as SiC. This is despite the fact that a TORZITE ring is much thinner than an equivalently sized SiC ring. Therefore the chances of rings fracturing upon inadvertent impact are lower compared to other lower grade ring materials.


TORZITE rings are also highly polished to a very smooth finish to maximize fishing line performance and prolong line life. In conjunction with the toric ring design, line flow is smoother and heat build up is dramatically reduced while fighting fish. A smoother ring surface reduces contact pressure and friction, allowing for smoother casts and retrieves. Fuji’s lab tests have also found that monofilament lines have 4 times longer line life or endurance when used on TORZITE rings compared to SiC rings.


As a premium product, Fuji TORZITE rings are only available in Titanium frames for now. To mark its premium status, all Fuji TORZITE insert guides have laser-etched markings on their frames. Do look out for the exclusive TORZITE hang tags on rods equipped with TORZITE insert guides come 2014.

For more detailed information about TORZITE, visit FUJI KOWA CO LTD.

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