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Storm Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition

When the Storm Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5 jigging rod was launched back in 2012, it created a brand new craze among light jiggers for whippy rods with white blanks and colourful EVA grips. Fast forward four years ahead and Storm Southeast Asia brings us a brand new Gomoku Erito jigging rod.

STORM GOMOKU 2015 ERITO BESPOKE LIMITED EDITIONMore than just a well-deserved facelift, the new Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition jigging rod is actually a different rod altogether from its predecessor. This lightweight jigstick features Fuji SiC guides, compared to Fuji Alconite on the previous version, for better heat dissipation and Fuji VSS (spinning) and TCS (baitcast) reel seats. But the main difference between the two Eritos lies in the blank.

The 2015 Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition (sometimes also called the ‘Black Erito’ for obvious reasons) features a 40-ton graphite blank that is lighter, stronger and has a better recoil compared to the previous generation Gomoku Erito. The sensitive, yet powerful blank amplifies every vibration from jig to strike.

DSC_1526 copy

Despite its slim looks, the ‘Black Erito’ is able to quickly subdue medium to large fish without much effort. We’d actually rate it a notch stronger than the previous Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5. We reckon it’s best to ease off the drag a little when you’re fighting fish with fragile mouth cavities to prevent hooks being pulled or lips torn.

Will the new 6ft Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited PE1.5 replace the ‘White Erito’ in the Storm Gomoku jigging rod line up? We don’t think so. For fans of whippy tips and contrasty rod bends, the ‘White Erito’ will continue to please, while for folks who prefer a sleeker, more powerful and ‘macho-looking’, black coloured rod, the Erito Bespoke Limited will deliver. Available  in both spinning and baitcasting versions.

Model: ERS601MR (Spin) / ERC601MR (Cast)
Length: 6’0″
Line Rating: Max PE1.5
Max Jig Weight: 100g


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