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King of Grouper Casting

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Fred had the opportunity to fish with Tan Ho Hong who is well known to his friends as ”King of Grouper Casting”. Ho Hong, better known as Ah Hong, has always been very successful catching the groupers on deep diving lures and is keen to show Fred how it is done.



Storm Arashi Deep 25

Fred and Ho Hong meeting each other in the morning

The pair spent some good time sharing about the types of lures and also where to cast.

Storm Arashi Deep 25

Ho Hong and Fred having a discussion on which lures to use


Storm Arashi Deep 25

Both of them casting

Not wanting to ”eat ice-cream” local term for zero catch day, Ho Hong cheekily invited Fred to try his ”secret weapon” which is a rig that dangles micro soft bait for small fishes.

Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring

Ho Hong showing his secret weapon

Soon it was lunch time and both of them decided to take a break instead. Nothing beats a good lunch on boat!

Both enjoying lunch!

Both enjoying lunch!

It was back to fishing after a good lunch. Fred took Ho Hong¹s advice to use a shallower diver and cast nearer to the breakers, this advice worked and Fred got an unexpected hit.  The fish fell for the Rapala Risto Rap 9cm in Chrome colour and though putting up a good fight, it was soon subdued by Fred’s Rapala Vaaksy rod.

Rapala Risto Rap 09

At last, something is on the line for Fred Goh!


Rapala Risto Rap

Fred with a grouper on Rapala Risto Rap in 9cm

Fred decided to rest and take a jibe at Ho Hong for not trying harder to catch a fish.

Fred shaking his leg after his grouper

Fred shaking his leg after his grouper

Fishing was indeed tough for that day and Ho Hong blanked out, something that seldom happens to him. Sportingly he decided to treat Fred to ice cream after the trip, wishing that this will not ever happen again…

Both having a great time eating ice-cream together & wishing it will not happen again

Both having a great time eating ice-cream together 

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