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NEW 2015 Daiwa Reels

More new 2015 Daiwa reels launched and spotted at the Japan Fishing Show 2015 in Yokohama. First up, is the new Daiwa Freams series of spinning reels. This year, Daiwa makes its proprietary Magsealed technology available even in its affordable-priced spinning reels. Even baitcasters such as the new 2015 Daiwa Zillion TW range feature Magsealed ball bearings. A great feature to protect the reel (and pinion bearings) from corrosive saltwater intrusion.

New Daiwa Freams 2004The new 2015 Daiwa Freams 2004

New Daiwa Freams 2500Daiwa Freams 2500

Daiwa T-Wing System (TWS) Line Up

Daiwa’s T-Wing System (TWS) has been expanded from the Tatula to the evergreen Zillion range. Not only does the 2015 Daiwa Zillion TW 1516 feature the TWS flip-up line guide that allows line to flow through a much larger opening, it also sports Magsealed ball bearings on the pinion and comes in 4 gear ratios with the highest at 9.1:1.

Daiwa Zillion TW 1516XXHLDaiwa Zillion TWS 1516XXHL (Gear Ratio 9.1:1, winding in 102cm of line per turn)

Daiwa Zillion TW 1516SHDaiwa Zillion TWS 1516SH (Gear Ratio 7.3:1, winding in 81cm of line per turn)

Daiwa Zillion TW 1516HLDaiwa Zillion TWS 1516H (Gear Ratio 6.3:1, winding in 71cm of line per turn

Daiwa Zillion TW 1516LDaiwa Zillion TWS 1516SH (Gear Ratio 5.5:1, winding in 61cm of line per turn)

Tatula HLC & Tatula HD Custom

The Tatula Hyper Long Cast (HLC) features a 34mm G1 duralumin HLC spool designed for long-distance casts in mind. The Tatula HLC comes in 7.3:1 (red accent) and 8.1:1 (purple accent) gear ratios. The Tatula HD custom is designed for heavy-duty usage. It features a deep ultra-duralumin spool for high line capacity (20lb mono – 135m), helical cut tough digigear and a 100mm power handle with oversized paddle knobs, similar to those on the US model Tatula reels. The Tatula HD Custom is also capable of dishing out 7kg of drag pressure vs. 5kg on the standard Tatula.

Tatula Hyper Long Cast 8.1Daiwa Tatula HLC 8.1L-TW (Gear Ratio 8.1:1, winding in 86cm of line per turn)

Tatula Hyper Long Cast 7.3Daiwa Tatula HLC 7.3L-TW (Gear Ratio 7.3:1, winding in 77cm of line per turn)

Tatula HLC SpoolTatula Hyper Long Cast (HLC) spool

Tatula HD CustomTatula HD Custom 150SHL-TW (Gear Ratio 7.3:1, winding in 82cm of line per turn)

Ryoga Shrapnel

Taking a cue from the Daiwa “Millionaire Black Sheep”, the Ryoga Shrapnel is an evolved version of the standard Ryoga in black. Designed for heavy-cover fishing, the 390g Shrapnel boasts a deep and wide 38mm ultra-duralumin spool, centrifugal braking system, 90mm swept handle and Whiplash Factory Serpent Bite handle knobs. The Ryoga Shrapnel can assert a maximum drag pressure of 10kg.

Ryoga Shrapnel C3000HRyoga Shrapnel – customized for heavy-cover fishing

Ryoga Shrapnel C3000HDaiwa Shrapnel C3000HL (Gear Ratio of 6.2:1, winding in 73m of line per turn)

Alphas SV

The Daiwa Alphas gets a slight cosmetic upgrade and a new Stress-free Versatile (SV) spool. According to Daiwa, the Alphas SV is capable of casting lures and weights as light as 4g. The Alphas SV comes in two gear ratios: 5.8:1 and 7.2:1 with the higher gear ratio model sporting a red level wind and lock nut plate.

Daiwa Alphas SVDaiwa Alphas SV 105SHL (Gear Ratio 7.2:1 winding in 74cm of line per turn)

Daiwa Alphas SVCompact and palmable just like its predecessors

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