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New Fuji TORZITE-F Ring, T-RV and T-KG Guides

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In this posting, Fishonmag.com highlights 3 new products from Fuji – the TORZITE-F flanged-rim ring, T-RV reverse frame spinning guide and T-KG ‘Arowana Top’ guide.


Last year, Fuji introduced its flagship TORZITE ring, a high-strength, super-durable ceramic that has been rigorously polished to create a slim, lightweight and low-friction ring. Besides being slimmer, lighter and having a greater surface area that allows for a greater dispersion of force under line load as compared to conventional ring designs, TORZITE rings have a larger inner diameter than an equivalent-sized SiC ring. This allows rod builders to downsize guides by one size, translating to significant weight savings of about 20-30% in total guide weight.



This year, Fuji expands its TORZITE ring one step further by introducing the TORZITE-F ring, designed especially for tip top and choke guides. Line funneling through the choke guide or exiting the top guide can occasionally come into contact with the guide frame at certain angles. The TORZITE-F ring overcomes this issue by featuring a flanged rim covering the area where the line is most likely to come into contact with the guide frame. Despite the TORZITE-F’s relatively larger surface contact area, it is still lighter than a SiC ring of the same size and possesses the same inner diameter and properties of a regular TORZITE ring.

T-RV Reverse Guide

Fuji T-RV Reverse GuideFuji’s RV type frame guide first made its debut last year in the form of a KR Concept choke guide for bait finesse casting rods. This year, the double foot RV guide also comes in a larger version especially for spinning configurations. In keeping with the KR Concept, the new RV guide features a smaller ring but a taller frame to effectively choke and funnel line through the micro guides.

Fuji T-RV Reverse Guide Diagram

Fuji calls the RV’s unique frame design “3D Structure”, which enables line to flow through the guide smoothly without getting tangled. The guide frame’s narrow slope gradually widening around the ring prevents line from getting caught between the guide foot and blank while a uniquely-designed, flared ‘3D back bridge’ smoothly unravels any line that gets caught around the guide during a cast. Additionally, the slightly raised front bridge prevents line from slapping the blank while a slightly off-angle ring position facilitates smooth line flow when casting.

TORZITE-F-Adoption Reverse GuideComparison between a RV guide with flanged TORZITE-F ring and KW guide with SiC ring

By combining the new flanged TORZITE-F ring with the RV frame, the new T-RV Reverse Guide series is now available for both spinning and bait finesse baitcast versions.


T-KG Arowana Top

Arowana Top T-KG Guides

Fuji’s latest T-KG tip top guide is its lightest guide ever built thanks to its compact frame, short pipe and use of TORZITE ring. As a comparison, the T-KGTT 5.5-2.2 weighs only 0.22 grams while a similar sized T-MNST tip top weighs 0.37 grams. Labelled the ‘Arowana Top’, the T-KG gets its name from its Arowana mouth-like shape pipe, designed without any uneven ridges or frame joints to enable line to slide smoothly and prevent line getting tangled around the tip.

T-KG Arowana Top

Additionally, the T-KG tip top is also designed to have the same height as an equivalent-sized tip guide to facilitate smooth line flow during casting. For sizes 6, 7 and 8, the T-KG top features the new TORZITE-F flanged-rim ring.

TORZITE-F-Adoption KG-Top

For more information on Fuji’s new 2015 product range and guide sizes, visit http://www.fujitackle.com/new/index.html

All images courtesy of Fuji Kogyo Co., Ltd

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