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NEW Daiwa 2015 Saltiga 10 / 15 Unveiled!

Daiwa unveils its latest 2015 reels at the Japan Fishing Show (Yokohama). In this posting we highlight the new 2015 Saltiga 10 and Saltiga 15 overhead reel.


The new Saltiga overhead comes as super compact reel, completely redesigned from its predecessor, the Saltiga Z overhead. It features a precision machine-cut aluminium body, Daiwa’s proprietary MAGSEAL ball bearing on its pinion, Hyper Digigear, an all new ‘automatic drag system’ which Daiwa calls ‘ATD’, a spool lock function and the ability to change spools with some quick turns on the 3 secured hexagon screws on its sideplate. Daiwa’s ATD uses a new proprietary grease that enables the reel to apply smooth and consistent start up drag pressure right from the start. For example, if the reel’s drag pressure is set to 5kg, there is very little variation in the initial start up drag to achieve a consistent 5kg drag pressure compared to the previous generation UTD drag system. The new 2015 Saltiga is available in 2 sizes – 10 and 15, in 2 retrieve ratios: 5.1 (retrieves 80cm per turn) and 6.4 (retrieves 100cm per turn). And yes, they have leftie models too in the 6.4 ratio models! This baby is going to be one beast of a jigging reel in a super compact profile!

The size 10 is capable of spooling 300m of PE #2 line or 200m of PE #3 while the size 15 takes 500m of PE #2 line and 300m of PE #3. While the Daiwa catalog does not specifically indicate the actual weight of the reels, we’ve been told they weigh less than 450g. Pretty lightweight for a rock-solid reel.

Enjoy the pics!

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Saltigas, fall in!

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Check out the oversized EVA power knob and gearbox!

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Up close and personal

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Front view

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15The smaller palming sideplate is very comfortable to hold

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15A turn of the handle re-engages the clutch

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Top view of the size-15. Note the deep spool on this one!

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Side-by-side comparison

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Note the different spool widths between the Saltiga 10 & 15

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Compact and fits in the palm of your hand

2015 DAIWA SALTIGA 10 / SALTIGA 15Adjustable handle – 75mm or 85mm

Erratum: We previously mentioned in this post that Daiwa’s ATD uses a new drag washer material and a new grease. We have since learnt that this is incorrect. Daiwa’s ATD drag features a new proprietary grease on Daiwa’s standard drag washers. 

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