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NEW Storm Gomoku Adajo – Slow Jigging Full Spec

The long-awaited slow-jigging rod from Storm has finally arrived. The new Gomoku Adajo is designed to work slow-style jigs easily with each pitch or crank. The Gomoku Adajo is built on a 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank with a slow taper for optimal recoil when working slow jigs up to 300 grams (PE3 model). Jigging upstrokes are less taxing on the angler and the optimal recoil allows for a greater tension ‘free-fall’ on the drop to bring out the slow jig’s optimal fluttering action.

Storm Adajo

Storm Gomoku Adajo

The Adajo features 30 & 40 ton blend graphite blank

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Fuji T-DPS reel seat

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Optimal recoil for slow jigs

Storm Gomoku Adajo

Fuji Alconite Guides


Model Power Rating Length Jig Weight Piece
AJC631-1 PE 1 6’3″ Max 100g 1 pc
AJC631-2 PE 2 6’3″ Max 200g 1 pc
AJC631-3 PE 3 6’3″ Max 300g 1 pc


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