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CATCH REPORT: Night Slow Jigging for Golden Snapper

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My friends from the Storm Southeast Asia fishing team and I were invited by a friend to fish aboard the ‘Seagull’, a big live-on-board charter boat based out of Pantai Remis, Perak, Malaysia. The captain, known by locals as Ah Soon, is quite a veteran in the fishing trade and is well-known by bottom-fishing anglers for some excellent Golden Snapper and Grouper spots around the northern Straits of Malacca. But our agenda for this trip was to try slow jigging for the Golden Snapper, particularly at night. Photos by Wong Kok Ping and Daniel Wan.

Fishing boats moored at Pantai Remis

Commercial fishing boats moored at Pantai Remis

The Seagull - based out of Pantai Remis

The Seagull

Weefie Storm Southeast Asia

A ‘weefie’ before setting off

Seagull Ah Soon

Ah Soon, the captain of Seagull – a colourful character too!


We had strawberries to sweeten the trip

Coconuts to quench our thirst

… and coconuts to quench our thirst

Your Expert in Hooks

Ready for battle!

The ever faithful Storm Gomoku Koika

The ever faithful Storm Gomoku Koika slow-style jig

The simple cabin inside the Seagull

The simple cabin inside the Seagull

We loaded up on our supplies

Flower crabs for our meals! Yummy!

Food! Glorious food!

Food! Glorious food!

Leong with the first Big-Eye Trevally on the cast-jig technique

Big-eye Trevally attack!

Leong's Golden Snapper, with the cast-jig method

Leong’s Golden Snapper, the first for the evening

Ah Soon Koika

Ah Soon caught this Golden Snapper by ‘cast-jigging’ a 100g Storm Gomoku Koika

Kok Ping Koika

Kok Ping’s Golden Snapper fooled with the Pink Zebra Koika

Plenty of Goldies of this size

Fred seals the deal with the UVCGZ-patterned Koika

Huat lands another Golden Snapper

Huat lands another Golden Snapper


Fred scores again on the Koika UVCGZ!

Koika Pink Zebra (SPZ)

Got mine in the wee hours of the morning on the Pink Zebra (SPZ)!

Storm Gomoku Erito

Reza locked in a fierce battle as morning dawned. Check out the bend on the Gomoku Erito!

Golden Snapper Jigging Storm Koika 150g

The biggest Golden Snapper of the trip by Reza on Storm Gomoku Koika Green Sardine!

Gomoku Koika Green Sardine

Close up shot of the biggie

 Koika Kok Ping Cobia

We also got a visit from Mr Cobia!

Koika Squid

How’s this for a bycatch?

Gomoku Koika

Koika jigs – not only catching fish!

Koika Green Sardine

Green Sardine (GS) was still the top producing pattern

Gomoku Koika Green Sardine

The technical locking curve of the VMC 7117 Slow Jigging Assist Hook holding this fish well

Stom Gomoku Koika

Fred Goh with a fine specimen of a Golden Snapper

Black Kaiten

The new Storm Black Kaiten PE#2.5 handled this beauty very well

Golden Snapper Slow jigging Koika

Double happiness!

Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition

Landed with the Gomoku Erito Bespoke Limited Edition

Gomoku Koika Golden Snapper

This one was really fat!

Gomoku Koika Golden Snapper

Interestingly, many of the Golden Snappers caught at night were taken on jigs without lumo

Gomoku Koika Golden Snapper

One for the road – on Gomoku Koika 150g UVSB

For charter enquiries, please contact:

Silibin Tackle
No. 32 & 34, Persiaran Silibin Utara,
30010, Ipoh, Perak
Tel: +60 16-222 2865


Daniel Wan has been fishing since the age of 12 and has a deep passion for fishing with artificial lures – especially light-tackle jigging. Previously working for two multinational IT companies, Daniel left the IT industry to follow his passion for fishing, photography and writing.