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Hooked On Calamari with NORTH CRAFT DMSF

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I’ll be honest. Eging to me is as good as my experience to ice-fishing. Sure, I’ve caught my fair share (a decent share, in fact!) of ‘sotong‘ with ‘Egi‘ (squid jigs/lures) from bouncing a squid jig connected to a paternoster rig from a boat. It’s easy to catch sotong when there’s plenty about. It’s only natural as there’s competition for food and they’d grab just about anything and everything swimming by that looks like prey. But when it comes to specifically catching them when they’re scarce… that’s when some technical knowledge, skill and experience come in…

St Johns Island

I finally had a chance to meet Michael who runs the popular Facebook page “Hooked On Calamari” at the Marina South Pier one sunny morning. Michael has a deep passion for Eging and loves to share his knowledge and experience with folks new to the game. I was grateful we got connected and finally able to ‘Egi’ together, as I was relatively a ‘new bird’ to Eging.

Our destination: St John’s Island just off Singapore’s southern shores.

Storm Shore-X for Eging

I brought along the 8ft-long Storm Shore-X SXS802ML PE0.4-1.2, a rod designed primarily for shore-casting but on this outing, would serve as a light Eging stick. (I can just imagine the little chuckles coming from experienced Eging anglers reading this post!). Indeed, the Shore-X‘s taper is more suited as a shore-casting / shore-jigging rod rather than an application-specific Eging rod but if you’re looking for that all-round, ‘one-rod-conquers-all-shore-work’ stick, do check out the Storm Shore-X. That said, I later found the heavier 8’6″ Storm Shore-X SXS862MH PE0.8-2.0 to be more ideal for Eging work over the 8-footer.


As for lure, the NORTH CRAFT 百海 SURF Egi (DMSF) was our Egi of choice for the day. The NORTH CRAFT DMSF is an easy-to use squid lure that doesn’t require aggressive whipping or jerking to make it dart like conventional squid lures. Lifting the rod tip and retrieving the slack will enable the DMSF to dart enticingly from one side to the other without much physical effort. It is for this reason that the Shore-X ‘kind of’ complemented the DMSF nicely.

Eging with North Craft DMSFMichael Siew, the man behind ‘Hooked On Calamari’

Upon arriving at St John’s Island, we worked several key spots to see if we could entice some squid.

Michael Siew EgingMichael at work.

Michael with Squid on North Craft DMSF #2.5Wasn’t too long before he got something grabbing the North Craft DMSF.

Little calamari caught on North Craft DMSF #2.5 OLAJNo monster of a cephalopod, but still a squid and good fun nonetheless.

Eging with Michael SiewA jig jig here and a jig jig there…

Eging with North Craft DMSFAnd… WALLA! Another cutie latches on!

Eging with North Craft DMSFThe DMSF’s natural OLAJ pattern scores!

Squid ON! With North Craft DMSF #2.5Meanwhile, yours truly manages to hook one near some reef patches.

Hooked on a Calamari with North Craft DMSF #2.5Joyful, joyful! There’s squid for dinner tonight!

NORTH CRAFT DMSF #2.5 The North Craft DMSF is very easy to use especially for a beginner to the Eging game.

Tom Yum Noodles with SquidThe glorious Tom Yum noodles with squid that evening!

Not too bad for a session of Eging in local waters! Thank you Michael, for generously showing me the finer points of Eging and sharing your passion!

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Daniel Wan has been fishing since the age of 12 and has a deep passion for fishing with artificial lures – especially light-tackle jigging. Previously working for two multinational IT companies, Daniel left the IT industry to follow his passion for fishing, photography and writing.