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P9 Ajing Catch Report: Catching Cencaru with Storm Gomoku Soft at Pulau Sembilan

We’ve seen how deadly the Storm Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring and Gomoku Soft Straight micro soft plastics are on Singapore’s Sagai and Peacock Bass. But are they as deadly in other coastal waters?

Nigel Hagley, Toh Jun Xiong and friends recently explored Pulau Sembilan (Perak, Malaysia) to see if the Gomoku micro soft plastics worked outside of Singapore’s waters. The result of their exploratory trip was breathtaking! Both caught plenty of Cencaru (Hard-tailed Scad) that offered them plenty of light salt game fun! The Gomoku micro soft plastic fever was so contagious that Jun Xiong had since got more friends hooked onto this finesse game! Not only were the Cencaru obliging to the Gomoku Soft but even GTs and Queenfish too!

Gomoku Soft Ajing

The Japanese Ajing fever has landed in Malaysia!

Cincaru Pulau Sembilan Gomoku

Cencaru (Hard-tailed Scad) are plentiful around Pulau Sembilan.

Gomoku Soft Straight Cincaru

Gomoku Soft Straight (GSST) worked wonders for P9’s Cencaru.

Jun Xiong Gomoku Bulky Ring

Jun Xiong getting the hang of catching Cencaru one after another with the Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring.

Gomoku Cincaru

And another!!

Cincaru Gomoku Soft Straight

With ultra-light, finesse tackle, Cencaru will give you a run for the money!

The usual suspect on Gomoku Soft micro soft plastics

Sagai – no longer a surprise catch on Gomoku Soft micro soft plastics.

Fancy catching Mack Tuna on the Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring!

Fancy catching Mack Tuna on the Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring!

Queenfish Gomoku Soft

Even big fish love titbits! This Big Queenie slammed the tiny Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring with gusto!

Micro jig Cincaru

Of course it’d be boring without dropping a jig or two in between.

Fusilier micro Jig

Nigel with a Fusilier on Micro Jig (MCJ)

GT Gomoku Soft Bulky Ring

Juvenile GT joined in the fun too!


  1. When the current is slow, the fish are usually found hanging close to the rocks near the islands or rock formations. Rig the Gomoku Soft Straight or Bulky Ring with an appropriate sized jighead (1.8 to 3g depending on current speed) and freeline the soft plastic in the current towards the rocks or structure. You can close the bail arm once in a while and let the lure hold its position in the current a bit before freelining again. The bites can sometimes be very subtle so you have to be alert to the slightest taps on the lure.
  2. When the current is fast, the fish will hold a little bit further out. The same technique mentioned above still applies but you may want to consider a heavier jighead to hold the lure at a certain depth in the current.
  3. Use a very fine diameter line to get the jighead down in the current. Nigel uses the Rapala Rapinova PE#0.4 (8.8lb), which is a good balance between strength and diameter. Additionally, 150m of line is plenty, should a speedster come along.

So if you’re ever out light jigging around Pulau Sembilan’s waters, do give the Gomoku Soft Straight or Bulky Ring a try. You might just get ‘addicted’ to the light salt game too!

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