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Pre-Hari Raya Jigging off Kota Belud

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The inshore waters off Kota Belud are surprisingly productive for light jigging!
Joseph Ngai sends in his recent catch report.

This trip was planned the day before the last day of Ramadhan. We decided to put some light jigs into the water as weather was just too perfect for some short inshore fishing. Since one of our friends was still fasting, we planned it as a leisure outing just to chill and relax, compared to our usual morning to late afternoon session. Nonetheless, results were not disappointing for only a 3-hour session.

Kota Belud Jigging 1This 11kg Mackerel caught soon after we started our jigging session. Storm Gomoku Erito was put into the test when Sabrey targeted to land this fish as fast as he can.

Kota Belud Jigging 6
The Storm Super Gomoku jig 50g BSRD draws first blood with a juvenile Trevally.

Kota Belud Jigging 4
Close up: Gomoku Erito, Sufix 832 10lbs, Sufix Invisiline 15lbs, Storm Super Gomoku 50g BSRD.

Kota Belud Jigging 8Storm Gomoku Erito PE0.8-1.5 fully loaded. Again, Sabrey was amazed with his new light jigging rod’s lifting power.

Kota Belud Jigging 5A good-sized GT by Kota Belud standards.

Kota Belud Jigging 1
After losing one of my favorite BSRD Super Gomoku jigs, I was lucky to land this juvenile mackerel without having to lose the same coloured jig again.

Kota Belud Jigging 1
Since Sabrey was still fasting, we wrapped up our short jigging trip with a good-sized GT. Scored with the BSRD Storm Super Gomoku 50g – the pattern of the day!

Check out some action videos:

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