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Rapala Collectors Launch

11 AUG 2015 – Rapala Southeast Asia today announced the launch of RapalaCollectors.com – Rapala’s official online store offering Rapala fans exclusive, limited edition Rapala lures, collectibles and memorabilia. Only a handful of Collector’s models are offered on the online store each year, with a very limited production run for each model. So once they’re all sold, they’re truly gone for good. According to Rapala, these special Collector’s lures only available on RapalaCollectors.com will never be reproduced for mass commercial sale, making them truly exclusive and worthy collectibles.


Rapala Collectors Blue Poison Dart Frog

The first exclusive Collector’s lure launched on the site is the Blue Poison Dart Frog. The inspiration behind this lure is the “Okopipi” or Blue Poison Dart Frog. The Okopipi is one of several frogs known for extremely lethal toxins found on their skins and used on the tips of arrows or darts of natives, hence their common name. A native of South America, this frog has bright-blue skin which serves as a warning to would-be predators. A mature adult generally weighs about 8 grams with an average length of 4cm.

The Rapala Collector’s artistic reproduction of this unique frog is a 5cm balsa wood topwater lure. Carefully weighted at 10grams for optimum casting and balance, this beautifully crafted lure sits perfectly on the surface when stationary, just like a real frog. Twin propellers churn and fizz, creating plenty of surface commotion to attract predators – if you have the heart to put this beauty into the water!

Purchase the Blue Poison Dart Frog from RapalaCollectors.com today!

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