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Rapala CountDown Abachi 5cm

Rapala CountDown Abachi

It casts further. Sinks quicker. Built Tougher. Made of super tough Abachi wood that is stronger and more dense than Balsa wood, the all-new Rapala CountDown Abachi offers the similar life-like, natural swimming action of the original CountDown in a stronger and faster-sinking body.

Originally made for the Japan market, it has its applications for South East Asian species too, particularly fish that inhabit fast flowing rivers. Usually these fish lurk in deep pools and having a lure that sinks quickly and tracks true in fast currents has its advantages. Not to mention too, that South East Asian species are rather notorious for ripping apart lures.

Rapala CountDown Abachi

Abachi wood is the perfect choice for Rapala when a tougher wooden lure is required. Abachi is used in the manufacture of the CountDown Magnum – lures that are designed to target big fish. The major difference between Abachi and Balsa wood is the strength and buoyancy. Balsa has a higher buoyancy and will rise faster in the water than Abachi. Therefore it was only natural that Abachi wood was selected when a small, compact lure that’s tough, long-casting and sinks very quickly was needed.

The Rapala CountDown Abachi comes in holographic finish and is armed with VMC 7554 inline treble hooks. It will make its debut in South East Asia in May 2016.


Model: CDA05
Running Depth: 1.2-2.1m
Body Length: 5cm
Weight: 6g
Type: Sinking

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