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Rapala Custom Design Series Accessories

Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers

For 2017 Rapala introduces a completely new range of tools for anglers. The Rapala Custom Design Series tools and accessories feature modern innovations and contemporary designs that lift angler’s tools to a totally new level. Features like the patent pending, Rapala Mag Spring have not been seen on any tool before. Clean looks and well thought-out functionality raise the bar on how angler’s tools are made.

Rapala RCD Mag Spring Pliers

The flagship of the new Rapala Custom Design Series is the RCD Mag Spring Pliers (RCDMP6).

The pliers are built with two internal opposing magnets to hold the pliers open, and there are no springs that could rust, break or lose their elasticity over time. The patent pending Mag Spring offers smooth, one hand operation and will not fail even in the harshest of conditions and extended use.

The durable steel jaws with gun metal finish have serrated tips for secure grip. The pliers have custom-designed, ergonomic, co-moulded Soft Grip handles for comfortable hold.

Rapala RCD Mini Clipper

The RCD Mini Clipper (RCDMC) features sharp, ground jaws that cut monofilament and most braided lines with ease. Built from durable stainless steel, the RCD Mini Clipper features an ergonomic, curved design for easy use. Built-in bottle opener at the tail end of the tool adds a recreational function.

Rapala RCD Magnetic Release

The RCD Magnetic Release (RDCDMR) is a powerful magnetic release tool with a carabiner clip. Ideal for hanging nets and other tools and accessories to fishing jackets, bags or vests. Break-away magnets allow easy one-hand operation, releasing the hung tool with one pull. The magnets also make the re-attaching quick and easy.

Rapala Fish Ruler RFR120

The Rapala Fisherman’s Ruler (RFR120) stretches 120cm long and is the perfect tool to measure your catch on the go. Folds neatly and weighted at both ends to keep the ruler straight. Easy to clean and store when not in use.

The whole Rapala Custom Design Series follows suit with comfortable, user-friendly yet edgy design and well thought-out functionality.

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