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Rapala Vespida & Keranga – The Super Light Dreamers

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Sleek, lightweight, minimalist and strong. These words best describe the two new ultra-light rods from Rapala Southeast Asia. While designed for fishing with light lines and little reels, these rods are by no means pushovers and are capable of taming some decent fish.

Rapala Vespida 2-4lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

Rapala Vespida  Length: 6’6″  Rating: 2-4lb  Lure Weight: 1-6grams  Piece: 2pc

The Rapala Vespida (VPS662) is a 2-piece, 6’6″ spinning rod rated at 2-4lb with a recommended lure weight range of 1-6 grams. Much effort and testing has been put into this rod’s development to create a strong, yet well-balanced UL rod. Finesse fishing often involves fishing with very light poundage line and many UL rods feature a parabolic action to reduce the chances of breaking the light line, straightening out the hooks or tearing the hooks off the fish’s lips.

Rapala Vespida 2-4lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

However, having a rod that is too whippy also means sacrificing casting performance and sensitivity. The Vespida maintains a good balance, allowing superb castability and cushioning yet possessing sensitivity to detect the slightest bites and the grunt to stop streaking runs from the most stubborn Longfin Trevally (Sagai). Although the Vespida’s blank action design was developed around Sagai Aji’ing, it’s also well-suited for on-shore and freshwater finesse applications.

Rapala Keranga 1-3lb Super Light Dreamer UL Rod

Rapala Keranga Length: 6’6″ Rating: 1-3lb Lure Weight: 0.8-4.5grams Piece: 2pc

The 2-piece spinning Rapala Keranga (KRS662) also has a length of 6’6″ and rated at 1-3lb with a recommended lure weight range of 0.8-4.5 grams. The lighter of the two UL rods in the Super Light Dreamer series, the Keranga’s Japanese-style trout rod taper is well suited for working micro lures and Gomoku Soft micro soft plastics. The 1-3lb line rating may cause some to cringe at the thought of handling a rampaging Peacock Bass or hard-hitting Sagai but rest assured, this rod can take them on and offer plenty of fun!

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