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Rapalero 2018: Conquer The Strong

No compromises if you’re chasing that fish of a lifetime. You’ll want a rod that’s strong enough to take on monsters yet light enough to cast all day without feeling your arms are going to drop off. It’s got to be built tough and durable so you’ll never have to worry when you’re heading for the most remote fishing locations.

Rapalero 2018

The 2018 Rapalero rod is more than just a facelift from the classic Rapala rod that was introduced way back in 2009. The 2009 Rapalero came in a wide range of line ratings in spinning and casting models. It quickly became popular thanks to the iconic red-coloured blank, which was also built durable and strong. Rod building technology has advanced over the past decade and with the adoption of new materials and more efficient rod manufacturing processes, rod blanks that are lighter, stronger and more durable are now much more affordable than before.

The new Rapalero is built with VTX45 technology, a cross between the use of a new graphite material and blank construction process that offers a kind of durability never seen before in Rapala rods. The result: a super lightweight rod that not only strong, but also extremely tough and durable. In fact, the Rapalero only weighs 114grams – very light for a heavy line rated rod. The taper is also designed in such a way to exert much pressure on the fish but yet comfortable enough for the angler to handle under load.

Rapalero 2018

Nigel Hagley landed this 80kg plus Queensland Grouper on the Rapalero 15-30lb rod.

The new Rapalero is available in baitcast models of 10-25lb in 7’0″ and 15-30lb in 6’6″ and in 1 and 2-pc models. Perfect if you are looking to land huge Giant or Queensland Groupers from commercial ponds or hard-fighting Papuan Black Bass in the wild. Each rod is equipped with Fuji ECS reel seats and Alconite K-Guides.


Model Length Piece Lure Weight Line Rating Type
RRC701H 7’0″ 1 pc 7-32g 10-25lb Baitcasting
RRC661XH 6’6″ 1 pc 14-40g 15-30lb Baitcasting
RRC662XH 6’6″ 2 pc 14-40g 15-30lb Baitcasting


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