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The Sebarau and Toman of Khao Laem Lake

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Photography by Tan Kian Huat and Mr Lertsak Banklongsee (Bee).

Khao Laem Lake, located in Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, is a 5-hour drive away from Bangkok. As in most fishing trips, weather is something rather uncontrollable and to a certain extent, unpredictable. We were informed it was going to be a wet, wet, wet trip! But as we’ve experienced before, the wet weather may not necessarily be good for Snakehead but will certainly be good for Jungle Perch (Sebarau / Krasoob)!

The north-western part of the lake is rather easily accessible by car and a short 5-minute boat ride from the simple, rugged ‘boat ramp’ brings us to our simple, yet cosy accommodation – a floating bungalow at the mouth of a little river.

Khao Laem Dam RapalaWater ‘bungalows’ located at a little river.

Khao Laem Dam RapalaAccommodation was basic – our beds were located right next to the dining area. Notice there were no walls!

Khao Laem DamThe weather was gloomy throughout the trip.

Khao Laem DamRain, rain go away! Come again another day!

Khao Laem DamThe water had risen a bit and both Toman and Sebarau were hiding inside the weedy area.

Khao Laem Rapala Flat RapThe shallow-swimming Rapala Flat Raps were perfect for such conditions.

Khao Laem Rapala Flat RapThe Sebarau were quite big too!

Khao Laem Rapala Flat RapRainy days are… well, happy days… in a sense…

Khao Laem Lure RetrieverThere were times when a lure or two got stuck in the sticks. Our helpful guides had no qualms about diving in to retrieve them!

Khao Laem Rapala Flat RapThe Toman were not large, but were around in good numbers. Twitching the Flat Rap got the sluggish ones excited.

Khao Laem RapalaThere were some periods when the rains stopped and little insects came out for a breather.

Khao Laem DamSpidey needed a break from the rain!

Khao Laem Rapala BX MinnowPi Too with a Krasoob on the new Rapala BX Minnow.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala Scatter RapIn slightly deeper waters, the Storm Smash Shad produced the fish.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala Scatter RapOn the other hand, the Rapala Scatter Rap Shads reigned supreme in the shallower waters. The Sebarau loved the erractic, zig-zag action!

Khao Laem Dam Rapala Scatter RapKian Huat displays a formidable fighter that took a Rapala Scatter Rap Shad in Alburnus pattern.

Khao Laem Rapala Scatter RapAnd another on the Rapala Scatter Rap Shad! This time it’s the Carribean Shad pattern that delivers!

Khao Laem DamSome majestic scenes from the lake.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownDrop-offs about 4-5 feet from the banks often sheltered predators such as this Toman.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownThe Rapala X-Rap Countdown was a good candidate for these deeper areas as it could be worked at variable depths.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownAlso accounting for some Sebarau too!

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownKian Huat was on a roll catching Sebarau after Sebarau on Rapala X-Rap Countdown.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownWe suspected the Sebarau were feeding voraciously – fattening up before spawning.

Khao Laem DamMr Bee checking out every ‘fishy’ looking spot.

Khao Laem Rapala CountdownHis efforts were not in vain. This Krasoob responded to a classic Rapala Count Down.

Khao Laem DamWe’re always excited when we encounter flowing streams like these on rainy days!

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownFishing the mouth of these streams often meant hitting the JACKPOT!

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownThe Rapala X-Rap Countdown proving it’s worth for Kian Huat.

Khao Laem Rapala Flat RapWhile the flashy chrome finish on the Flat Rap continues to draw interest in the shallows.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownAmidst the Sebarau and Toman action, Kian Huat also managed to pull out a very nice Snakehead.

Khao Laem Dam Rapala X-Rap CountdownNo prizes for guessing what’s Kian Huat’s favourite lure of the trip – yup, it’s the Rapala X-Rap Countdown!

Khao Laem RapalaCattle crossing a channel.

Khao Laem Dam RapalaThere’s more crazy fishing action to come. Stay tuned for Part 2!

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