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Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG

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Hot on the heels of last year’s Daiwa’s T3 Air is Shimano’s latest lightweight, ultra-finesse baitcaster – the Aldebaran BFS XG.

Until the debut of the recently announced Shimano Metanium 2013 XG, the Aldebaran BFS XG (Bait Finesse System) was touted as Shimano’s fastest baitcaster with the highest gear ratio of 8.0:1, cranking in 80cm of line per turn! Pretty impressive for a lightweight reel of this size. But speed is not the only thing this little reel boasts of.

Apart from the dusky grey black finish, the most obvious difference between the Aldebaran BFS XG from the previous generation Aldebaran is a newly-designed profile which Shimano calls the ‘Corefit Body’. The palming side of the reel is significantly slimmer to give better comfort when palming. Although not immediately obvious, the cast control knob which traditionally sits under the handle, has been moved to the palming side. With this new compact design, the handle is now 8.5mm closer to the reel body for greater balance.

As an ultra-finesse reel, the business end of the Aldebaran BFS XG is the new low-inertia, magnesium BFS spool which weighs a mere 11 grams. Casting and pitching lightweight lures as light as 3 grams with a low trajectory can be done with ease when matched appropriately with the right rod. Disengaging the sideplate reveals 8 brake collars instead of the usual 6 found in most Shimano baitcasters, allowing the angler to fine-tune braking controls in various finesse presentations.

Another notable feature of the Aldebaran BFS XG is the new 6-spoke drag star, which allows easier access and reach when adjusting the drag tension while engaging the handle. The additional spokes also facilitate one-hand fishing situations.

The Aldebaran BFS XG is available in left and right hand models.


Model Handle Weight(g) Line Retrieval(cm/crank) Ratio Drag(kg) Line Cap.(lb/m) Bearings
XG RIGHT RIGHT 145 80 8.0 3.5 8-75 9/1
XG LEFT LEFT 145 80 8.0 3.5 8-75 9/1



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