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Shimano Metanium 2013

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The unveiling of the new Shimano Metanium 2013 at the Osaka Show early this year got many wondering if this baitcaster sitting one notch below Shimano’s flagship Antares performs as good as it looks. The new Metanium features several key technologies found on the new Antares such as the SVS Infinity cast control system that allows micro adjustments to the brake settings and Micro Module gearing, which adopts the use of smaller teeth on the pinion and main gears to reduce gear vibration, resulting in smoother gear meshing when engaged.

The new Metanium is available in 3 different retrieve ratios – 6.2:1, 7.4:1 and 8.5:1 and available in left and right retrieve. The 6.2:1 gear ratio model pulls in 66 centimetres of line per crank and is suitable for all-round applications including spinnerbait, small crankbaits and jerkbaits. The HG model with a ratio of 7.4:1 pulls in 79 centimetres of line per crank and is suitable for vibes, soft plastics and minnows while the XG model with the blazing 8.5:1 ratio winds in 91 centimetres of line – great for situations when you need that extra speed.

The new Metanium weighs only 170 grams, achieved by adopting a combination of magnesium and Shimano’s Ci4 material. A notable feature found on the new Metanium is the inclusion of a 3mm offset swept handle – a first for Shimano baitcasters.

With a reel height of 40mm, the low-profile body sits 3mm lower from it’s predecessor. According to Shimano, the height of the reel is almost comparable to the Aldebaran, making it ergonomically pleasing to palm.

Side profile of the new Shimano Metanium 2013

The new Metanium features Micro Module gearing found on Shimano’s flagship Antares (2012). To ensure gear durability despite the micro gears, the load is distributed over a greater number of teeth compared to the previous generation’s gearing module. Both ends of the pinion gear are also supported by bearings to promote efficient power transfer when cranking, a trademark of Shimano’s X-Ship technology.

Side by side comparison of the conventional gears (left) and the new micro gears (right)

A side view of the new Metanium’s clicking drag star.

Centrifugal brake settings can be easily adjusted from underneath the sideplate via a dial without having to open the sideplate.

If further braking adjustments are necessary, brake blocks on the Metanium’s spool can be adjusted by opening up the sideplate with a push of a switch also located underneath the sideplate.

A closer look at the Metanium’s SVS Infinity centrifugal braking system – similar to that found on the new Antares.

The dial with numerical markings underneath the sideplate shifts a trapezoid-shaped brake column closer or away from brake blocks, allowing minute adjustments for applying the appropriate braking force when casting different lure weights.

Adjusting the external dial extends the brake column towards the brake collars on the spool for braking. The above image shows the column fully extended.

Brake column fully retracted.


Model Handle Weight (g) Line Retrieval Ratio Drag (kg) Line Cap.(lb/m) Bearings
METANIUM RIGHT RIGHT 170 66cm 6.2 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
METANIUM LEFT LEFT 170 66cm 6.2 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
METANIUM HG RIGHT RIGHT 170 79cm 7.4 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
METANIUM HG LEFT LEFT 170 79cm 7.4 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
METANIUM XG RIGHT RIGHT 170 91cm 8.5 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
METANIUM XG LEFT LEFT 170 91cm 8.5 5 12-120, 14-100, 16-85 9/1
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