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Golden Trevally by Slow Jigging

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Slow jigging is gaining popularity not just because it is more relaxing but also the possibility of catching a larger variety of fish species. One of the species that we had trouble catching consistently until recently was the Golden Trevally. Understanding the behaviour of the Golden Trevally as well having a better grasp of the slow jigging technique and tackle setup have certainly helped us improve our catches dramatically.

Golden Trevally on Storm Koika

The Golden Trevally uses its protractive mouth to suck out prey from the sand or reef and consumes a variety of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Therefore, one of the key points to note when targeting them is to keep the jig close to the seabed and work it slow.

Golden Trevally on Storm KoikaThick lips!

Golden Trevally on Storm KoikaIt is better to tie two sets of assist hooks onto the jig; one set on top and one on the bottom.

Golden Trevally on Storm KoikaThey have rather thick lips and mouth cavity so sharp hooks are preferred.

Golden Trevally on Storm KoikaAlthough they are not as speedy as their cousins, the Diamond Trevally, Golden Trevally have better stamina and will fight to the end.

Golden Trevally Koika 2Slow style jigging jigs such as the Storm Gomoku Koika are great for targeting the Goldies.

Golden Trevally on Storm Koika They are known to grow up to 120cm and about 15kg. Locally, a 5kg fish is considered a good catch.

Golden Trevally on Storm KoikaGolden Trevelly are not excellent on the plate and they are beautiful fishes that deserved to be conserved. We do encourage anglers to release them so that they can continue to fight another day.

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