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Storm Arashi Rattling Top Walker

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Arashi Rattling Top Walker ATW11The new Storm Arashi Top Walker strides true even when retrieved fast, having been purpose-built to eliminate the missed bites all too common with lesser topwater lures.

If you look at the profile of the Arashi Top Walker from the back, you can see how its sides are just a little bit flatter compared to most other topwater lures. This design element prevents the Top Walker from rolling as it changes direction on the retrieve and allows the lure to continually walk with its hooks underneath the body. This in turn increases the hook-up ratio of striking fish.

A long-glide walk-the-dog action, a powerful wake and a multi-ball cadence rattle sound signature combine to make the Top Walker a seductive topwater lure to call fish from afar. It features four bearings that broadcast a variable pitch frequency, mimicking the sound of schooling baitfish that predators can’t ignore.

Rotated hook hangers, a feature of all baits in the Arashi lineup, ensure the treble’s angle of movement is limited, therefore preventing hang-ups when hooks up to a size larger are used. This position also ensures the hooks are nestled closer to the lure’s body, offering better action.

The new 11cm Storm Arashi Top Walker weighs 22g and is available in 10 color patterns, most of them slightly translucent: Green Gold Shad, Hot Blue Shad, Pearl Ayu, Bluegill, Blue Back Herring, Wakasagi, Ghost Hitch, Pro Blue, Ghost Pearl Shad and Black Silver Shad.


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