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Storm Arashi Crankbaits

STORM ARASHI – possibly the most easy-to-use crankbait in the market as of time of writing, according to the folks at Storm. That’s a bold statement! But that’s precisely what Hiroshi Takahashi, the man behind Storm’s most successful crankbait, intended for when designing the Storm Arashi crankbaits.

Storm Arashi fishonmag.com

According to Hiroshi, the Storm Arashi platform was conceptualized out of a need for a crankbait that’s easy to use. The ideal crankbait has to be long-casting, easy to crank, swims straight out of the box and most importantly, possess that irresistible fish-catching action. The Storm Arashi ticks all of the above boxes.

So what exactly makes the Storm Arashi crankbaits so special?

Storm Arashi Circuit Board Lip fishonmag.com

Circuit Board Lip

The use of a thin, yet strong and durable circuit board material for the Storm Arashi crankbait lip is crucial to the lure’s unbelievable action. Compared to conventional moulded lips, the thinner circuit board lip will have lesser resistance when the lure wobbles from side to side, which translates into lesser effort needed by the angler to work the lure. This also means that Storm Arashi crankbaits are able to achieve its high-pitch action right away even at slow speeds. Another distinct advantage of Storm Arashi crankbaits is the ability to remain stable at very high speeds. This is important especially when searching for fish over large areas or when there’s a need for speed to trigger bites from aggressive fish.

Arashi Rotated Hook Hangers

Rotated Hook Hangers

Conventional crankbaits have hook hangers that are in line with the lure’s tow-point. While this configuration is fine for appropriately sized treble hooks, the chances of hook hang-ups are rather high when larger trebles are used. By rotating the hook hanger by 90 degrees, the treble’s angle of movement is limited, therefore preventing hang-ups when hooks up to a size larger are used. This position also ensures the hooks are nestled closer to the lure’s body, offering better action.

Storm Arashi Self Tuning Line Tie

Self-Tuning Line Tie

At the heart of the Storm Arashi crankbait’s self-tuning line tie is a patent-pending, free-moving design that ensures the lure tracks true right out of the box. It’s rather difficult for floating crankbaits designed with high-pitch actions to achieve stability under high speed. However, this free-moving tow point enables Storm Arashi crankbaits to swim straight and stable under very high speeds.


Storm Arashi Silent Square

Arashi Silent Square

The Arashi Silent Square runs with a lively wobble, slight roll and pronounced tail kick action. The buoyancy to back out of cover and square lip design for increased deflection are perfect for contact structure fishing. As its name suggests, this crankbait is non-rattling for a silent approach to wary or pressured fish in shallow water. The Arashi Silent Square is armed with premium black nickel VMC® hooks and is available in two models – the ASQS03 with a body length of 2-1/8” which dives to 3ft and the ASQS05 with a body length of 2-3/8” that dives to 5ft.

Arashi Rattling Flat

Arashi Rattling Flat

Conventional lipless crankbaits are perfect search lures in open water. Flat sides throw lots of flash, attracting visual attention while rattles shake off plenty of vibration to draw fish in. The 2-1/8” Arashi Rattling Flat offers the same kind of flash and vibration in a bibbed, buoyant, flat-sided body. It’s equipped with premium black nickel VMC® hooks and has a running depth of 7ft.
Arashi Rattling Deep fishonmag.com

Arashi Rattling Deep

The Arashi Rattling Deep swims with a moderate rolling action for the right amount of search with loads of tail kick. This 2-3/8” deep-diving crankbait features a large single knocker rattle that delivers a low frequency pitch and a long cast design for increased distance with accuracy. The Rattling Deep is fitted with premium black nickel VMC® hooks and has a running depth of 10ft.

When you’re out there fishing, you don’t want to be wondering whether your lure’s swimming correctly. You want to be focused on things that matter, like keeping an eye out for rising fish or the next place to cast. With Storm Arashi crankbaits, you’re fishing easy-to-use crankbaits with key design features previously only found in expensive, custom lures. With such an edge, it’s super crankin’ awesome!


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