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Storm Gomoku Black Kaiten PE#2.5

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The Storm Gomoku Kaiten PE1-3 quickly became a big hit when it was first introduced back in 2014. It was slim, extremely light and had plenty of serious fish-stopping power. Pictures of happy anglers posing with their trophies landed with the distinctive white blank-blue EVA jigging rod soon circulated around social media circles. Quite naturally, there were folks who preferred something similar that’s a bit more conservative-looking.

“If only there was a black-coloured Kaiten!” was a feedback commonly heard.

Storm Gomoku Black Kaiten

Rapala Australia subsequently introduced the Storm Gomoku Nero series to meet this demand. The black-coloured Storm Gomoku jigging rods were largely distributed only within Australia.

Fast forward to 2016 and South East Asian jigging enthusiasts seeking a ‘black Gomoku’ now have good reason to cheer. The new Storm Gomoku Black Kaiten PE#2.5 has arrived. Apart from a black-themed facelift, the new Black Kaiten has its guide placement reconfigured to further maximize the blank’s potential. Like its funky predecessor, the Black Kaiten features Fuji Alconite guides and is available in spinning and baitcast models. The baitcast model now also features Fuji’s TCS reel seat for improved palming.

Storm Black Kaiten

Some may ask what’s the difference between the Black Kaiten with the Storm Gomoku Adajo. While the Adajo is a dedicated slow-jigging rod with a specially designed taper to work slow-style jigs, the Black Kaiten is more of a versatile jigging workhorse with a taper that’s suited for a compromise between speed jigging and slow-style jigging applications.

If you are looking for a versatile light jigging rod that will be able to handle speed jigging, slow-style jigging and yet able to pump big fish out from the depths, the Storm Black Kaiten will be the rod of choice for you.


Model Power Rating Length Jig Weight Piece Type
GBC601-2.5 PE 2.5 6’0″ Max 200g 1 pc Baitcast
GBS601-2.5 PE 2.5 6’0″ Max 200g 1 pc Spinning


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