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Sufix Versa Game – The New 8-Carrier PE Line from Sufix

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Riding in the wake of Sufix’s successful 832 braid comes Sufix Versa Game, a pure 8-carrier braided line that’s silky smooth, round and yet incredibly strong. The 8-carrier construction of thin Dyneema® fibers create a super strong and thin braided line that has high abrasion resistance and superb knot and shock strength.

Sufix Versa Game

Sufix’s R8 Precision Braiding technology weaves the braid in a high tension process to create a round, supple and smooth braided line with consistent diameter and quality. This soft and silky smooth line has low friction when passing through rod guides, resulting in silent, long and accurate casts. But where this line really shines is in the light and micro jigging game. The Sufix Versa Game boasts in its excellent Strength to Diameter Ratio. A PE #0.8 line rating (0.148mm) has the breaking strength of approximately 18lb. An excellent choice for light tackle enthusiasts and micro jigging fans when you want to get that little jig down to the depths quickly in fast currents.

The Sufix Versa Game comes in PE rating, a Japanese rating system whereby the diameter of the line is standardized and consistent irregardless of brand or make. It is often generalized that the PE number of the line is equivalent to a multiplication of ten of the corresponding PE in terms of line poundage (e.g. PE #1 = 10lb, PE #2 = 20lb, etc), although this is not entirely accurate. The breaking strength of say, a PE #1 line can vary between different manufacturers.

The Sufix Versa Game is available in Lo-Vis Green and Pink Mango in 150m and 300m spools. Rapala VMC is currently giving away a free Rapala lure with every spool of Sufix Versa Game purchased. Check it out at your nearest Rapala & Storm dealer, while stocks last.


PE # Diameter Max Breaking Strength
PE #0.6  0.128mm 14lb
PE #0.8  0.148mm 18lb
PE #1.2  0.185mm 21lb
PE #1.5  0.205mm 28lb
PE #2.0  0.235mm 34lb
PE #2.5  0.260mm 37lb
PE #3.0  0.285mm 42lb
PE #3.5  0.310mm 48lb
PE #4.0  0.330mm 64lb


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