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OSAKA SHOW 2014: Tenryu Jig Zam Dragg Force C.N.T.

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Tenryu prides itself in ‘Japan Quality’, producing quality crafted rods made in Japan. We had an opportunity to pop by their booth at the Osaka Fishing Show 2014 to check out their latest products.

Tenryu – the Dragon rising

A sweet-looking model displaying Tenryu’s 2014 catalog.

Tenryu’s showcase displaying their CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) material.

According to Tenryu, CNT penetrates into the resin connecting each carbon fiber within the rod’s graphite blank, enhancing their strength while maintaining its elasticity and lightweight property.

Rods using CNT technology will feature the CNT reel seat decal

Tenryu staff displaying the new Magna-Impact Heretic bass rod

Mr Tatsuo Egashira, Sales Director of Tenryu

Tenryu’s new 2014 rods featuring the CNT technology – Jig Zam Dragg Force (Offshore jigging), Brigade Grace CNT (Shore Eging) and Magna Impact Heretic (Bass lure casting)

The Jig Zam Dragg Force is designed specifically to be lightweight and sensitive enough to feel the tide and jig action, yet having incredible pulling power to stop big fish. Also features Fuji’s lightweight Titanium K-guides.

Simple, minimalistic and classy design. The Jig Zam Dragg Force is available in 3 models: JDF621S-3 (Lure Max 150g, Line 40lb Max, Drag: 6kg max), JDF621S-4 (Lure Max 180g, Line 50lb Max, Drag: 8kg max) and JDF621S-5 (Lure Max 200g, Line 60lb Max, Drag: 10kg max)

Jig Zam Dragg Force (JDF621S-4) being loaded

Also on display were balsa wood, tungsten weighted lures – the Magna Impact Crankbaits

The Magna Impact Crankbait features a coffin-shaped circuit board lip and Cultiva ST36BC trebles

Magna Impact Fluorocarbon lines ranging from 4lb-20lb…

… and Magna Impact Nylon lines ranging from 4lb-20lb

For more information about Tenryu’s products, visit http://fishing.tenryu-magna.com

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